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Tool and Goodness MFG Catch & Release For GT

Geordie Stephens of Tool directs two unique short films via Venice-based Goodness MFG for GT’s most recent effort titled Catch & Release slated for viral distribution.

Road Reel and Mountain Wait are shot from the perspective of riders trailing their sluggish counterparts as if they were prey. With gusting winds pounding against them and their velocity accelerating, the swift riders strategically map out their attacks on the speed inept. In both spots the chases end in painful wrecks, followed by typical hunter IDs of ceremonious kills. GT dares to declare open season on slow – are we the hunters or the hunted? It’s for us to decide.

Goodness MFG Partner and Director of Integrated Production, Rupert Samuel comments, “With the Catch & Release campaign, GT is having a little tongue-in-cheek fun with all the slow-pokes out there. Tapping into our So Cal roots of irreverence and competition, we’re declaring, it’s open season on slow. If a rider spots somebody on the road or trail, go ahead, take him down. But remember, always Catch & Release. By encouraging riders to let the speed-challenged bike off, we’re ensuring the sport for future generations.” This campaign involves a print and web launch with these videos produced as viral elements that are being seeded in the bike community.

Brian Latt of bicoastal Tool adds, “We’ve worked hard over the last year to better position ourselves as a more dynamic content creation company. This project was the perfect opportunity for us to showcase our talent and skill-set in the integrated space. Working with the Goodness team was a dream and I think Geordie’s final output has all the vital ingredients necessary to attract the often finicky web-based audience.”

The Creds:

Client: GT
Spots Title: Road Reel & Mountain Wait
Launch Date: November 2008
Agency: Goodness, MFG
Prod Company: Tool
Director: Geordie Stephens
EP(s): Jennifer Siegel, Brian Latt
Editorial: Cosmo Street
Editor: Tessa Davis
Producer: Shada Shariatzadeh

About Tool:

Tool of North America is known for its mastery of “very, very short films, with blatant product placement.” The aptly-named production company serves as an implement, enabling directors to discover-and then endlessly rediscover-what they do best. Tool’s talented roster and knack for delivering laugh-out-loud comedy and arresting visual style engenders advertising’s top honors. Well-established in the integrated media arena, Tool serves as a resource for agencies, collaborating with creatives to develop compelling content.

Tool’s directors hail from diverse disciplines, including still photography, Academy Award-winning cinematography, documentary filmmaking, British TV comedy, and top agency creative posts. This diverse pool allows Tool to approach every project with a spirit of handcrafted excellence.


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