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Thought Equity Motion & WatchMojo Spotlight Sports

Thought Equity Motion & WatchMojo Spotlight Sports

The digital revolution is making it easier for just about anyone to become a content creator and distributor on the web. But while the options for marketers and agencies continue to expand, production budgets overall are dwindling, target audiences becoming more fragmented and efforts to successfully monetize online video content remains challenging, to say the least.
Two companies that appear to have broken the “monetization� code are Thought Equity Motion and Watchmojo. Thought Equity Motion is the world’s largest supplier of online motion content licensing and management services. Watchmojo is a producer, publisher and syndicator of original web video with nearly 4000 published videos online.
While the companies approach the business of online content creation from distinct vantage points, they share a common vision of the market demand for quality online storytelling. The businesses’ combined resources are generating a rich and varied collection of high-quality, low-cost content designed to satisfy the broad spectrum of web and out-of-home (OOH) advertising.
The first product offering resulting from the collaboration is a series of sports-oriented stories, one to three minutes in length. Written and produced by Watchmojo’s team of producers, the videos feature college sports footage licensed and delivered by Thought Equity.

Delivering High Quality Production to the Online World

“From the moment we opened our doors, WatchMojo focused on creating premium, professionally-produced video content on everything advertisers want and consumers seek out, from travel to fashion to sports,� observes WatchMojo CEO Ashkan Karbasfrooshan. We’re constantly striving to increase both the quantity and quality of our topic segments. I firmly believe we can produce top quality content at one-tenth the price of traditional television production.�
Karbasfrooshan admits, however, that creating and delivering content on the scale demanded by the online market kept him awake nights when Watchmojo first opened its doors in 2006. Enter Thought Equity Motion.
“WatchMojo is creating genuinely compelling content that people will actually watch – and pay advertising dollars to support,â€? states Kevin Schaff, CEO and founder of Thought Equity Motion. “Our experience shows that one of the primary problems facing new media producers – like Watchmojo – is finding the fastest, most cost-effective path to producing top-quality stories. Thought Equity is a great solution for them. We provide access to footage that enables them to produce substantial amounts of content with much higher production quality than is typically found on the web. “
Thought Equity’s contribution to the success of the sports project consists of more than just footage, however. Karbasfrooshan points to the value of Thought Equity’s established licensing agreements, understanding of clearance issues, and superior search and delivery platforms that make accessing content from Thought Equity’s vast collection easy and fast.

And There’s All That Footage

“Right now we are using a lot of college sports footage that certainly doesn’t fit in the realm of traditional stock footage – Thought Equity goes way beyond stock,â€? Karbasfrooshan adds. “They have a ton of really high-quality footage on every topic under the sun, as well as archival footage that’s can’t be found anywhere else. Thought Equity’s collection of footage spans a tremendous variety of subjects, from celebrities to automotive, so we can tell virtually any story we want to tell.â€?
So what does the future hold? Both companies share the belief that innovative marketers are ready to shift from traditional outlets to include the web and other OOH media in the marketing mix. To fuel the momentum of this budgetary shift, both Schaff and Karbasfrooshan agree that great story-telling and high production value are essential to create superior content.
“Like Watchmojo, Thought Equity is a very future-focused company that’s open to new, innovative approaches to business,� concludes Karbasfrooshan. “Online advertising is only going to get bigger and we plan on being a significant player in that success story. WatchMojo has a developed a very efficient process for cranking out great, engaging stories. Thought Equity has access to fantastic motion content that helps us deliver those stories on a scale that meets the market demands. ‘Content is king’ is a cliché, but it’s a cliché for a reason. No matter how you look at it, high quality production wins.�

About Thought Equity Motion

Thought Equity Motion is the world leader in providing access to high quality film, video and music content. The company’s forward-thinking approach to digital video has produced an array of products and services to meet the exploding demand of new media.

Widely recognized for its expertise in licensing rights, Thought Equity Motion is the licensing agent for renowned media companies including Paramount Pictures, MGM, NBC News, HBO, National Geographic, Sony Pictures, the NCAA and hundreds of others.

With offices located around the world, Thought Equity Motion offers the broadest, deepest content collection available. This vast collection, combined with leading-edge technology, makes Thought Equity Motion the preferred destination for multimedia professionals.

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