Thomson Announces New, Compact, Powerful GeckoFlex Modules For Unrivalled Distribution

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Paris/Amsterdam (IBC - M214 / OEH201) 07 September 2006 - Providing high-density synchronisation, signal processing and distribution in a single, compact package, Thomson (Euronext Paris: 18453; NYSE: TMS) today announced new modules for the

Grass Valley™ GeckoFlex™ frame. GeckoFlex is the perfect solution for standard and high definition, copper and fibre environments, and fixed installations and outside broadcast trucks.

The modules announced include a compact frame synchroniser for HD signals and a variety of distribution amplifiers.

“Systems engineers need infrastructure products to be totally reliable in operation,” said Marc Valentin, president of the Grass Valley business within Thomson. “With space at a premium in facilities and outside broadcast trucks, compact modules only increase their appeal. The GeckoFlex line delivers the core SD and HD products our customers need with the specifications and the flexibility to handle any video format and connector, including fibre, in a high-density package.”

The new frame synchroniser is the first from a major supplier to deliver HD performance in a 2U form factor. It supports SD-SDI and HD-SDI signals at all common formats, and can be converted to fibre connections simply by plugging in a compact, small form-factor pluggable (SFP) fibre I/O device derived from the IT industry. It includes an advanced processing amplifier with RGB, gamma and hue control, and is capable of passing through embedded audio, including Dolby E.

The new HD-SDI and SD-SDI distribution amplifiers feature a variety of equalization, reclocking and monitoring options. They also integrate the new frame synchronizer to time incoming lines and asynchronous sources in production.

Alongside its ability for modules to be converted from coaxial to fibre connections at any time, the GeckoFlex line offers the highest-density fiber DA and synchronisation solutions in the industry. It also supports fibre converters for mixed environments with coarse wave division multiplexing (CWDM).

The GeckoFlex line is a flexible and cost-effective modular system with dual reference busses within its frames. Users can configure modules using nothing but an internet browser. All modules provide full SNMP support and can be controlled and managed by the Grass Valley Newton™ ethernet-based control solution or the NetConfig™ ethernet-based configuration software, and can be monitored by standard SNMP-based monitoring and diagnostic systems such as the Grass Valley NetCentral™ software.

The DA and frame synchroniser GeckoFlex modules are already shipping. Further additions to the range will be made in the coming months, including a synchroniser with video delay, up and down converters, audio embedding and de-embedding, and audio-processing modules.