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SANTA MONICA, CA---Therapy, an editorial, finishing, design and audio house, relied on its Quantel iQ to finish "Dust to Dust," an original web series co-produced by director Sam Raimi's production company Ghost House Films and directed by Ben Ketai, for The six-part "Dust to Dust" is a post-quel to vampire fright-film "30 Days of Night," and follows on the heels of Therapy's successful work on Ghost House Films' "Blood Trails," the web-based prequel to the feature film, and a huge success on "The Quantel iQ is a great tool for long-form projects as well as short-form ones," says Therapy executive producer Joe DiSanto, who reports that the web series was shot in High Definition with Sony's HDCAM. Therapy edited the series in Final Cut Pro and played out the webisodes from FCP directly into the Quantel iQ in real-time. "That way, we didn't have to fully re-conform it from the edit decision list," he says. The color correction tools helped Therapy artist Wren Waters achieve the "Dust to Dust" director's goal: to make it look as if it were shot with film. "They wanted a cinematic look," Waters says. "The challenge was to give it a unique look but keep it looking like "30 Days of Night" which was shot in film. The Quantel iQ toolset gives me all the color correction tools I need as well as the ability to match various film stocks." The six episodes that make up the series were put together as a short movie that debuted at ComiCon in San Diego. Waters reports that another strength of the Quantel iQ was its many output options.

"We did HD, SD and file delivery," he says. "For the Internet, we did uncompressed Quicktimes and the interactive studio did all the Flash. The Quantel iQ has all the most common file delivery compression options you'd find anywhere." DiSanto notes that, for both the artist and the client, the Quantel iQ created huge efficiencies for the "Dust to Dust" filmmakers, translating to time, money and ease of post production. "The best part is the iQ offers everything all in one box," he says. "You can do clean-up, compositing, deal with frame-rate issues, you can color correct, you can do titles. For finishing, it's an all-in-one tool. That's a benefit that makes it much easier for the client. He doesn't have to go from room-to-room or facility-to-facility to get each aspect of the project done." About Therapy Founded in 2005 by Joe DiSanto, John Ramsay, Doobie White and Wren Waters, Santa Monica-based Therapy is a state-of-the-art studio with editorial, finishing, design and audio suites. With work in long-form and short-form, Therapy has made a name for itself in editorial, graphic design, sound design and visual effects for commercial clients including Mercedes, Atari, Pioneer, Mazda and Verizon and Nascar; and music video clients including Gnarls Barkley, White Stripes, Eminem, Jennifer Lopez and Good Charlotte. Therapy has also posted and produced trailers and spots for games such as Gun, Driver3, and Stranglehold. About Quantel? Quantel is dedicated to creating the most powerful and efficient tools for content creation and production in the digital age. Quantel technology means business; its systems combine industry-leading performance with total scalability in both hardware and software across post production, graphics, digital intermediate, news and sports production for multiple resolutions, team-working environments.