The Colonie's Nathan Rodgers Cuts Towkio’s Music Video, ‘Symphony’

The Music Video Taps the Chicago-based Editorial, VFX, Motion Design Company's End-to-End Postproduction Services
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The Colonie's Nathan Rodgers recently helped set the pace for Chicago rapper Towkio's music video, ‘Symphony,’ a new single dropped from the artist’s debut album, WWW.

Rodgers first stepped in during preproduction, working with the director, Andre Muir on developing the finer points of the concept and fleshing out some new ideas.

The storyline of 'Symphony' focuses on Towkio as he tries to get the attention of one particular girl who catches his eye, while still tempted by the other women in the video. The action unfolds in a hotel, as the setting appears to be changing into a rapid succession of locations seamlessly woven into a cohesive visual story.  

Using the jazz-fusion inspired beat of the track as a guideline, rather than letting it dictate the cuts, the editor created an off-kilter synchronicity, adding to the engaging, unpredictable flow of the music video.

Rodgers was introduced to this editorial approach when the production company, Naked Gallery, first called on him a few years ago to work on music videos for a number of artists, including Kami and Cody Varik. 

"Bringing together these shifting environments without creating a jarring effect required precise planning and close coordination during every phase of the project," he adds. "It was important that we stayed on top of every detail, caught potential issues early on and made the necessary adjustments, avoiding time-consuming and costly fixes in postproduction.”

Also tasked with the role of postproduction producer, Rodgers collaborated closely with the production crew, as well as The Colonie's team, to ensure that all of the elements came together seamlessly in post production. 

"This was a complex production, and ultimately the footage would end up in my hands,” he adds. "It was important that we stayed on top of every detail, caught potential issues early on and made the necessary adjustments, avoiding time-consuming and costly fixes in postproduction.”

"A large number of match cuts required the shots to be meticulously timed out," adds Rodgers. "Even with the close attention paid to every detail, occasionally I would work a scene up to the very end, only to find that the last few frames wouldn’t work and made it unusable. Sometimes this would result in a chain reaction that required changes that affected the whole timeline of the video." 

Rodgers edited the music video at The Colonie ( on Adobe Premiere Pro and handed off sections to the company's VFX artist, Ben Pokorny while they were still in rough form.  

"Ideally, greenscreen would be used for some effects, but sticking with a practical shoot was more cost-effective,' says Pokorny. "So instead I experimented on Flame Premium and Adobe After Effects and created VFX with a style and look that aligned with the director's vision, and added them after the production wrapped."

"The Colonie’s editorial, visual effects, motion design and one-stop, end-to-end approach to postproduction services have been called on by quite a few music videos over the years," says EP and partner, Mary Caddy. "While we're best known for our work on commercials, social media, and long-form content, our team enjoys working on music videos like 'Symphony.' They give us an opportunity to collaborate on innovative, out-of-the-box concepts and bring a fresh perspective to our work in other genres."

Credits: Artist: Towkio; Featured vocals: Teddy Jackson; Record Co: Republic Records/American Recording; Production Co: Naked Gallery; Director: Andre Muir; DP: Flynn Drew; Producers: ZachMoore, Cory Proctor; Editing, VFX, Postproduction: The Colonie; Editor: Nathan Rodgers; VFX: Ben Pokorny; Colorist: Mikey Pehanich.



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