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Tellyo, CoinDesk and JW Player Collaborate to Deliver ‘Consensus: Distributed’ – a Five-Day Virtual Conference for Investors

CoinDesk Creates 24-hour Pop-Up TV channel with Tellyo and JW Player


LONDON –Tellyo, leading developers of a cloud-based live video editing, clipping, and stream production suite, today announced that they produced the ‘Consensus: Distributed’ five-day virtual conference for investors for CoinDesk, working in partnership with JW Player. To deliver the virtual live event, Tellyo deployed its advanced live video production and distribution platform, Tellyo Pro, and partnered with JW Player who utilized its live channels solution, leading HTML5 video player and video APIs.

As the media platform for the next generation of investing, CoinDesk were keen to make use of the latest technology from Tellyo and JW Player to continue informing, educating and connecting its global investment community during the height of the coronavirus lockdown. Conference sessions were also delivered through Zoom’s video conferencing technology to ensure that panelists from all over the world could participate from the comfort of their own homes, due to Covid-19.

Tellyo Pro and JW Player powered live streams, video clipping and distribution throughout the five-day event:

  • With live feeds delivered into Tellyo Pro from both a bespoke 24/7 CoinDesk channel and Zoom’s technology, more than 160 hours of conference session content was then clipped or live streamed from Tellyo Pro to multiple digital and social destinations and via JW Player to CoinDesk’s own website, the conference’s content hub
  • Alongside Tellyo Pro’s powerful live streaming capabilities, CoinDesk and its team of video editors utilized the Tellyo Pro Editor to clip nearly 300 highlights over the five days. Once clips had been created in Tellyo Pro these were provided to JW Player – all thanks to an integration put in place by the Tellyo team, which enabled JW Player to source video highlights for the CoinDesk website in near real time. The integration included delivery of video content, as well as metadata associated with it.

Additionally, the Tellyo team ensured that video content could be enriched with branding and graphics, with these added to the live signal via Tellyo Pro without any delay to the incoming signal. Within the Tellyo platform, the CoinDesk team had access to both a ‘clean’ and ‘dirty’ feed for purposes of live clipping, as well as archiving event recordings for futures purposes.

Prior to the conference, Tellyo’s support team helped CoinDesk in two ways:

  • Training was provided and, after one hour, the CoinDesk team was able to set up and schedule events within Tellyo Pro, while all editors could productively use the platform to create live clips, add branding and include graphics
  • During CoinDesk’s tests and rehearsals, the Tellyo team were on-hand in case of any last-minute adjustments were required.

 “During these unprecedented times, it has been a pleasure to work with CoinDesk and to witness our Tellyo Pro platform helping the organization to continue the conversation with its valued community,” said Richard Collins, CEO of Tellyo. “The conference was a great success and our technology is undoubtedly capable of facilitating such conversations – providing the means to do so. But it is our celebrated support team who also bring an unrivalled edge to projects, always ensuring that productions run seamlessly and successfully.”

Spencer Beggs, Director of Engineering at CoinDesk, said: “This thing is a beast! I cannot tell you how happy I am with Tellyo Pro. It is an impressive project, really intuitive to work with and so powerful. Thank you so much for the wonderful product and the A+ support.

Joanne Po, Head of Multimedia Content & Executive Producer at CoinDesk, said: “Using Tellyo’s excellent and perceptive software allowed our video editors to very quickly turn around the rich content at Consensus: Distributed from the live TV programs and virtual conference, thereby enabling CoinDesk to achieve our goal of ‘owning our news’ from the event better and faster.”

Jeroen Wijering, Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, at JW Player said: “We’re proud to support CoinDesk’s commitment to delivering compelling video experiences everywhere its viewers were tuning in through live channels.”

You can view CoinDesk’s ‘Consensus: Distributed’ at

With Tellyo, users can clip key moments from events in real-time, edit and enhance videos with branded overlays, bumpers, wipes, interactive graphics and effects. The Tellyo montage function enables you to rapidly produce highlight reels from events, and users can mix content from multiple sources (livestreams, past streams, clips already created and videos uploaded to the Tellyo platform). Tellyo Pro’s auto clip-to-post feature enables editors to fully automate clip creation, social messaging and social posting.

Tellyo now fully supports closed captioning capabilities, critical in particular for the U.S. sports market, and full Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) support, and is in beta for live 4K streaming input and output, which will be fully available at the end of 2019. The new features enable Tellyo customers – including MediaPro and Sunset+ Vine – to deliver live content moments, including multi-track audio, on a global scale, with ingest and streaming at up to 50 Mb/s (megabits per second).


Tellyo delivers a live video editing and streaming production suite for broadcast-quality distribution. Tellyo employs proprietary technology to deliver highly efficient and cost-effective solutions for professional video producers, and supports a wide range of standards and industry protocols. For more information, visit the company web site at

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EDITOR’S NOTE: If would like a color photograph of Richard Collins, CEO of Tellyo, or screenshots of Tellyo products, please contact Chris Pfaff on or +1-201-218-0262

Spencer Beggs, director of engineering at CoinDesk
Tellyo Pro panel screen during CoinDesk’s live 5-day virtual conference, ‘Consensus: Distributed’
CoinDesk caption
Panelists on the live 5-day virtual conference, ‘Consensus: Distributed,’ produced by CoinDesk and streamed live by Tellyo and JW Player
Richard Collins, CEO of Tellyo
Another Tellyo Pro panel for the live five-day virtual conference ‘Consensus: Distributed’