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Switch Masters the Art and Science of Digital Out-of-Home Advertising

Experiential Marketing Agency Manages Spectacular LED Advertising Displays Nationwide

ST. LOUIS – By the time 2008 was history on the East Coast,


Digital Technical Director Steve Paolicchi had spent the day managing 18 consecutive worldwide New Year’s Eve countdown celebrations, down to the precise second, from his laptop. His most prestigious countdown included the Eastern Time Zone celebration on the

Budweiser spectacular board

in New York City’s Times Square, the most visible New Year’s Eve block party site in the world attended by more than one million in person and more than one billion watching from televisions worldwide.

Outdoor LED spectacular advertising allows brands to take advertising to a new level. To be competitive today, brands using spectaculars incorporate the technical science of studying audience behaviors based on specific locations and targeted core content with the art of delivering fresh, immersive and interactive branded media. Every brand is unique and requires a keen understanding of the target audience. Translating the brand messages to the right outdoor spectacular venue in the most appropriate visual format requires much more than simply editing existing TV spots and programming them for billboard rotation.

Experiential marketing agency Switch has become a leader in the fast-growing digital-out-of-home category of spectacular advertising by enabling audiences to engage with brands in some of the busiest and trendiest venues nationwide.

Boasting the largest boards in the United States, the new 17-story Walgreens LED spectacular venue at One Times Square in New York City,

, reaches audiences from the east, west and south sides of the famous spot. To launch the new

Walgreens spectacular

, Switch created original 30-second Budweiser brand LED spots in less than 48 hours.

For the past two years on the north side of the venue, Switch has managed content and rotation for the 70-foot Budweiser LED spectacular billboard. Every day, Switch-managed content earns more than 1.6 million impressions in Times Square alone, including more than 150,000 commuters and 33,000 households. The agency makes it easy for clients’ brands to come to life in high-energy digital outdoor venues by manipulating those spaces with full-motion video creative that reaches millions – without audio.

PQ Media has reported that since 2006, out-of-home media advertising and spending on digital billboards have increased by double-digit percentages, and continue to grow. The Outdoor Video Advertising Bureau (OVAB) released the industry’s first audience metrics guidelines in October. Not only does measurement validate the medium, it allows marketers to deliver ROI for clients’ investments. And digital out-of-home is rated the most attention-catching of all media by more than 60 percent of audiences surveyed by the OTX Digital Signage Awareness Study.

“Our approach to digital outdoor evolved from our high-end event and technical production expertise,� said Tom Eisenhauer, Digital Media Director for Switch. “We fused that with more than 10 years of experience in traditional outdoor creative, and insights from studying audience demographic data. By balancing those components, we’re able to ensure some of the world’s biggest brands stay relevant with some the world’s largest audiences.�

Switch creates and manages live content, short segments, reformatted broadcast ads and high-resolution 3D animation. The team can turn simple flat art into dynamic full-motion LED content for any board venue, and manage it from the office or laptop computers.

Industry resources view Switch as an innovator. “Switch takes a different perspective than a typical ad agency when it comes to digital outdoor,� said Ryan Laul, Managing Director of Hyperspace Digital and board member for the Out-of-Home Video Advertising Bureau (OVAB). “Switch understands how to manipulate spectacular LED venues to showcase content that goes beyond advertising. They blend creative with technological expertise to create immersive opportunities for brands to connect with audiences.�

In addition to the board venues in Times Square, Switch manages full-motion video content on LED outdoor advertising displays in

Victory Plaza

in Dallas, the Sunset Strip and Nokia Theater in Los Angeles, the

Miracle Mile

in Las Vegas,

Broad and High

in Columbus, Ohio and the

Desert Ridge Marketplace

in Tempe, Ariz.

“Brand managers are fueling the growth of the spectacular digital outdoor category because they are looking for engagement rather than passive acknowledgement,� said John Burns, Vice President of Business Development for Switch. “Statistics prove that digital out-of-home media is more immersive and holds audience attention longer. And with today’s interactive texting and Bluetooth technology, viewers can provide instant feedback, participate in real-time contests and receive discount coupons with time-lapse restrictions. If you are a brand looking for audience interaction, this is where it’s at.�

Switch Liberate Your Brand is an experiential marketing agency headquartered in St. Louis with offices in Atlanta and Dallas. For more than 25 years, the agency has helped clients enjoy audience-brand relationships that run deeper, last longer and translate into action faster than those formed through one-way dialogues. Switch creates and executes brand marketing experiences for clients nationwide specializing in digital media, mobile tours, displays and exhibits, meetings and events, and graphic design. For more information please visit


Media Contact: Julie Voss;

or 314-258-1018.
Business Contact: John Burns;

or 314-206-7700.