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Sweet Spot Productions Launches in Hollywood

Hollywood, CA, February 11, 2008 – Sweet Spot Productions has been launched in Hollywood as a new, full-service marketing agency specializing in conceiving, developing and producing consumer and trade campaigns promoting feature films and videogames. Sweet Spot specializes in producing film trailers, teasers, TV and radio spots, Internet webisodes and cross-platform/new media marketing. Don Scotti and Joe Takats, co-founders of Sweet Spot Productions, made the announcement.

Currently, Sweet Spot is producing a special presentation that will be seen during the Feb. 24th Oscars telecast.

Regarding the formation of his new company, Scotti said, “This is a very challenging time to be in the business of producing A/V materials in Hollywood. Producing a fresh approach to creative materials for theatrical and for video gaming clients is both demanding and rewarding, as today’s audiences have so many entertainment choices and outlets from which to choose.�

“I worked with the Weinstein Brothers when they rewrote the rules behind movie marketing,� adds Takats. “Now Don and I have decided to push the creative envelope behind the marketing of exciting new entertainment properties for the next generation of audiences out there. We see Sweet Spot Productions as the new ‘Go-To’ marketing agency for feature film producers and distributors, as well as for the hottest videogame producers and gaming development companies.�

In the area of feature films, Scotti and Takats have conceived, developed and produced the marketing campaigns for client After Dark Films on their releases “Captivity,� “The Abandoned, “The “Tripper,� “Skinwalkers,� “Fierce People� and HorrorFest “8 FILMS 2 DIE 4� film festival.

Over the years, and prior to the launch of Sweet Spot, Takats and Scotti have worked with all of the major Hollywood studios on hundreds of theatrical projects and campaigns. These clients have included Warner Bros., Paramount, FOX, DreamWorks, Universal, Disney, New Line, Fine Line, Miramax, Dimension and Sony Pictures.

Sweet Spot’s initial clientele also represent some of the biggest players in the videogame industry, including SEGA and EIDOS. For client SEGA, Sweet Spot recently produced a massive promotional campaign promoting the videogame “The Golden Compass.� Sweet Spot produced that game’s trailer, domestic and international TV spots, advertising for the Rockefeller Center JumboTron, the Toys R Us “Geoffrey Tron� in New York City, the full Internet campaign and numerous online advertising banners.

Other SEGA videogame projects which Sweet Spot has promoted include
“Nights: Journey of Dreams,� “Virtua Fighter 5,� “Yakuza,� “Bleach: Shattered Blade,� “Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games� and “Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity.�

For client EIDOS, Sweet Spot produced the animated logo treatment, with sound design, for the trailer promoting the videogame “Highlander,� including possible inclusion for in-game usage as well.


Together, Don Scotti and Joe Takats bring decades of marketing, branding and promotional experience to their new venture, Sweet Spot Productions. In 2007, the duo was nominated for two Key Art Awards, for their marketing work behind the feature film “An American Haunting� and for After Dark Films’ “HorrorFest� film festival.

Scotti spent many years working at the legendary trailer house Kaleidoscope Films Group, ultimately becoming that company’s Vice President. He has also served as Executive Vice President of Marketing for Courtney Solomon’s successful, horror-niche motion picture company, After Dark Films Studio.

Takats, who was also an Executive Vice President of Marketing for After Dark Films, also served as Creative Director for Miramax Films, where he won four Key Art Awards. Takats worked on the promotional campaigns behind hundreds of hit films, including “Pulp Fiction,� “The Crow,� “Scream,� “sex, lies, and videotape,� and “Cinema Paradiso.� He was also actively involved in implementing the promotional campaigns behind the films “Memento,� “The Illusionist,� “Capote,� and “The Lives of Others.�

Prior to the launch of Sweet Spot, Scotti and Takats produced various promotional campaigns for a broad array of feature films before co-founding Sweet Spot. These projects include “Lemony Snicket: A Series of Unfortunate Events,� “House of Flying Daggers,� “Kung Fu Hustle,� “Wristcutters: A Love Story,� “Captivity,� “Frontiers,� “You & I: Finding Tatu,� “Welcome to Hollywood, part 2�, An American Haunting,� as well as HorrorFest: “8 FILMS 2 DIE 4� film festival.

Previously, Scotti and Takats were also involved in many videogame promotional campaigns, including those for “Shadow the Hedge Hog,� “Sonic Next Gen,� “Medieval: Total War II,� “Yakuza,� “Sonic Riders,� “Phantasy Star Universe� and “Full Auto 2,� as well as producing the Video Wall for SEGA seen during the 2006 E3 Convention.

Co-founded by Don Scotti and Joe Takats, Sweet Spot Productions is located at 6860 Lexington Ave, # 120, Hollywood, CA, 90038. The company’s phone is 323/790-1717, and the website is: