Superfad Goes Raving Rabbids

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Superfad recently completed a promo spot for Ubisoft’s Raving Rabbids “Travel In Time� party game that lives up to the promise: a blast in the past. To truly understand the character traits and distinct attributes Superfad Director Richard Hickey traveled to France to meet with the Ubisoft game developers. He learned the Do’s and Don’ts of the lovable chaos-inducers and then returned to Superfad to delve deep into the production. The result is a supercharged animated spot that is rife with hilarious slapstick and Rabbid induced mishaps. Using pop culture cinematic references and a sincere appreciation for animated narrative, the spot takes viewers on a journey of time travel, Rabbids style. To view:

Client: UbiSoft Senior Brand Manager: Negar Baharlou Associate Director of Marketing:Ann Hamilton Creative Director: Michael Hammond Senior Creative Writer: Sharon Ortiz Art Director: Li Shen Illustrator: Johannes Holm Senior Editor/Producer: Brigham Stitt Broadcast Producer: Michelle Barta Associate Producer: Heather A. Yarbrough Animation Production: Superfad Director: Richard Hickey Matte Painters: James Levy, George Fuentes CG Lead/Technical Director: Hai Ho, Stuart Scanlon 3D Animation: Adrian Sarin, Bryan Cox,Christopher Michaels 3D VFX: Tim Kadowaki 3D: Morten Fossoy, Deandre Moore, Damon Snyder, Jonathan Feldman 2D Compositors: Taekyu Kim, Sandy Chang Character Designers: Colin Howard, Ernie Gilbert, Jackie Harper Creative Director: Justin Leibow Executive Producer: Kevin Batten Head of Produciton: Darren Jaffe Producer: Michaela Hart Zerbib



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