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Seattle, WA – (January 17, 2008) -- VOOM HD Networks recently approached Superfad to design and produce new on-air brand identities for Kung Fu HD, VOOM HD’s martial arts movie channel offering a line-up of beloved and revered martial arts stars from Bruce Lee to Jet Li. The mandate: To produce live-action IDs utilizing Superfad's Phantom HD camera. The result: A series of four element-driven films that embody the formidable physical and philosophical nature of Kung Fu. To view visit:

“The door was open to endless possibilities but the idea of a martial arts student conquering each of the elements on his way to becoming master seemed a perfect canvas for not only spectacular slow motion live action, but for a few tasteful visual effects as well,� says Creative Director Dade Orgeron. Ben Rubin, VP, Brand Creative Director at VOOM HD Networks was thrilled with the result. “The IDs capture the true spirit of Kung Fu HD. We couldn't be happier with how this project turned out.� As owners of the Phantom HD, with vast experience in high speed shooting, Superfad chose the camera for the live action sequences. This footage was then enhanced and embellished using FumeFX for 3DS Max, Softimage’s XSI and Realflow. Credits: Client: VOOM HD Networks VP, Creative Director: Ben Rubin Creative Director: Jason Bylan Production/VFX/Design/Editorial Company: Superfad/Seattle, WA Director / Creative Director: Dade Orgeron Executive Producer: Rob Sanborn Designers: David Viau, Luke Allen Simulation Artist: Phiphat "P" Pinyosophon Editor: Ryan Haug Producer: Nate Barr Original Music By: Matt Hutchinson



Hawk-woods adds NEW batteries to their growing battery range at NAB 2019

Hawk-Woods batteries announces new ultra-small and lightweight additions to its Mini DV (MDV) and BPU battery line at NAB 2019. The MDV and BPU battery lines are a popular line of rechargeable batteries used to power everything from cameras, monitors and mixers. To support the growing power needs of camera operators, Hawk-Woods have doubled their range of MDV batteries, and are now offering a new 98Wh BP-U battery with dual output!