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Super Bowl XLIV: Autodesk Software Helps Post Houses Score Commercial Work

Every year during the Super Bowl, global brands premiere commercials that showcase the best visual effects and animation in television advertising — for over 15 years, much of this creative work has been shaped with Digital Entertainment Creation software from

Autodesk, Inc.

(NASDAQ: ADSK). A majority of this year’s most popular spots, according to the USA Today poll, were created with certain Autodesk

Media & Entertainment


“Autodesk software helps customers be more creative and efficient, and generate business,� said Karim Salabi, Autodesk Media & Entertainment vice president of marketing. “We congratulate our clients for such an impressive body of work in this year’s commercials and are thrilled that our 3D tools played a role in the annual ritual of Super Bowl commercial innovation.�

John Budion, director and visual effects supervisor of this year’s E*Trade commercials, said, “My Autodesk Flame expertise is really what gave me the opportunity to direct this high-profile campaign. The tracking, compositing and seemingly limitless features of Flame offered solutions for nearly every obstacle that arose and allowed me to bring the campaign to the next level.�

Numerous post-production facilities used certain Autodesk Media & Entertainment software to help create this year’s Super Bowl commercials (see

Autodesk YouTube channel

for links to these commercials):

• AXYZ had a very successful Super Bowl season with five Bud Light commercials created with the help of

Autodesk Inferno

visual effects and compositing software: “Stranded,� “LightHouse,� “AutoTune,� “Book Club� and “Asteroid,� the last of which also used

Autodesk Maya

3D visual effects, animation and rendering software.
• A52 worked on two commercials that aired during the game: Honda “Squirrel� using a combination of Maya and

Autodesk Smoke

editorial finishing software, and KGB “Sumo� using Maya and

Autodesk Flame

visual effects and compositing software.
• Blur created an epic commercial for EA’s “Dante’s Infernoâ€? using Autodesk tools:

Autodesk MotionBuilder

performance capture software, as well as Autodesk 3D modeling, animation and rendering software

Autodesk 3ds Max


Autodesk Softimage

with the Face Robot facial animation toolset.
• Click 3X created three spots for E*Trade: “Girlfriend,� “First Class� and “Tears� using Flame, Maya and

Autodesk Flare

, the creative companion to Flame.
• FilmWorkers Club created an ad titled “Fence� for Budweiser with the help of Flame, Smoke and Inferno.
• MassMarket created four commercials that aired during the game: “Awesomer� for Emerald Nut, “Forge� for Vizio, “Timothy Richmond� for and “Game� for Snickers. All were created with Flame and Maya.
• Method created two comedic spots for Bridgestone tires: “Your Tires or Your Life� and “Whale of a Tale� using a combination of Flame and Maya among other tools.
• The Mill created “Boost Mobile Shuffle� for Boost with the help of Flame and the Budweiser “Bridge� commercial using Flame, Flare, Softimage and

Autodesk Combustion

compositing software.
• MPC used Flame and Maya to help create both “Sleepwalker� for Coca Cola and “Nightmares Never Sleep� for Jordan Brand, a division of Nike, Inc.
• PublicVFX created a 13 spot campaign for Hyundai, four of which aired during the Super Bowl: “10 Years/Favre,� “Luxury,� “Body Pass� and “Paint Sonata� with the help of Maya and Flame.
• Semerad created the McDonald’s commercial “Check This� with Flame, Softimage and Inferno visual effects software as well as Maya and MotionBuilder for pre-visualization.

Launching new advertising campaigns during the Super Bowl continues to be a top priority for global advertisers, and Autodesk tools help play an important part in the creation of their commercial campaigns. A recent study* concluded that two-thirds of the television-watching audience still remember their favorite brand advertiser from last year’s game, while only 39 percent remember who won the game and that three out of four are more likely to research or buy a product after seeing it advertised during the Super Bowl. Four out of the five favorite ads from last year’s game (Budweiser, Pepsi, E*Trade and Bud Light)* were created by Autodesk clients using a host of Autodesk tools.

* According to a poll of 1,000 Americans on consumer engagement in the Super Bowl conducted by advertising agency Venables, Bell & Partners.

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