Sundance Dramatic Competition GOOD DICK - starring Jason Ritter, Marianna Palka, and Tom Arnold

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(Dramatic Competition)

World Premiere

Written & Directed by Marianna Palka Produced by Cora Olson, Jennifer Dubin, Marianna Palka and Jason Ritter

Starring Marianna Palka, Jason Ritter, Eric Edelstein, Martin Starr, Mark Webber & Tom Arnold

Running Time: 85 mins Synopsis GOOD DICK is an unexpected love story that follows a young man who instantly falls for a troubled, solitary woman, and simply defies her not to love him. As they become closer, her sexual antipathy is met with his unflinching optimism, until finally her aggressive defenses overwhelm them both. Profoundly affected by his presence in her life, she finds the courage to face her past. Filmmaker Young, first time feature filmmaker Marianna Palka describes the challenge of making GOOD DICK: “If there is no fear, you can’t be courageous. So I decided that the process of going through fear was preferable to the stagnancy of staying safe and scared. I think that going through fear is a way for me to stay sane in my life, and this film is part of that sanity and I’m grateful for it.� In GOOD DICK she tackles the complex issues of sex and romance with an upfront, brave simplicity, “I wanted to show what love can actually do to someone’s life, and how love and sex can open a closed person. I wanted to reintroduce the wonder of sexuality...the romance of a film about real people whose sexiness abounds because of their authenticity. These days sexuality has somehow become associated with all things false, and I think that it’s a mirage.� Marianna Palka is from Glasgow, Scotland. In 1997, she directed her first short film, By My Very Self. Palka also directed the documentary For My American Friends, which highlights Glasgow’s working-class neighborhood of Maryhill. Palka moved to New York to study with the Atlantic Theater Company, where she directed various works for the stage from 1999 to 2001. She is an actress, a writer, a director, and cofounder of the production company Morning Knight with Jason Ritter. Palka currently lives in Los Angeles. Talent at Sundance Writer/Director/Producer/Actor Marianna Palka, Producer/Actor Jason Ritter (Happy Endings), Actor Martin Starr (Knocked Up/Superbad), Actor Eric Edelstein (Ugly Betty), Actor Tom Arnold (Happy Endings/The Year of Getting to Know Us), Producer Jennifer Dubin, Producer Cora Olson Public Screenings Friday Jan 18, 11:30am/Racquet Club Saturday Jan 19, 12pm/Eccles Theatre (Also Saturday, 9:30pm/Rose Wagner Center, SLC) Wednesday January 23, 8:30pm/Racquet Club Friday January 25, 11:30pm/Library Press Screening Sunday January 20th, 2pm/Holiday Village Cinemas