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Stun Creative Produces Web Comedy Series “The Writers Room”

Los Angeles, CA, April 1, 2008 – Stun Creative, a multi-award winning advertising agency and production company based in Los Angeles, has entered into the realm of original content with “The Writers Room,� a 10-part web-series (each episode runs 6-minutes) that is available on C-Spot, a new, multi-platform comedy channel distributed by Sony Pictures Television. The series is available on (

,) YouTube (

,) AOL Video, Hulu and Verizon Wireless’ V Cast Video service. Stun Creative co-presidents Mark Feldstein and Brad Roth jointly made the announcement.

NOTE: To view Episode # 1 of “Writers Room,� please click:

(NOTE: A short Promo precedes the “Writers Room� episode)

“The Writers Room,� a scripted comedy starring real-life comedy writers and former show runners, offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse of a fictional late night talk show hosted by actor Kevin Pollack, who portrays an egomaniacal version of himself. The premise behind the series is as follows: Long hours, tight quarters and lots of emotional baggage (and food allergies) are all in a day’s work for the dysfunctional office family of “The Writers Room,� as the group struggles to write jokes and survive within an environment that is a hotbed of neuroses. It’s a miracle the show ever gets written, as the eccentric bunch seem to spend more time talking about their own personal crises than they do working on the writing of sketches, comedic bits and monologues for the show.

Roth and Feldstein are represented by the William Morris Agency (WMA) for television and digital properties. “As an agency, we are constantly striving to present our clients with new digital media opportunities,� said Lewis Henderson, Head of WMA’s Digital Group. “Mark & Brad are both incredibly creative, and this new platform provides them the opportunity to showcase their unique brand and comic sensibilities.�

Developing and producing a digital comedy series for Sony represents a natural “evolution� of Stun Creative, a company whose work has always had a comedic bent. Since its founding in 2000, Stun’s promotion and branding business has become highly regarded throughout the entertainment, broadcasting and advertising industries for its sharp comedic wit and pop-culture sensibility.

Before producing “The Writers Room�, the company had previously written and directed two comedy short films for Showtime – “The Swinger,� starring Chris Elliott and Bob Costas, and “Karaoke Knight,� starring Jeffery Ross. Roth and Feldstein also executive produced a comedy short starring Jack Black promoting TBS, working with famed comedy director Jay Roach (“Meet the Fockers,� “Austin Powers.�)

In the digital world, Stun earned acclaim for its “Bush Bites� audio clips, extracted from real life oral moments in the life of President George W. Bush and set to animation, which were produced for Freemantle. Stun also has the distinction of having produced the “Ginger and Mary Ann Pie Fight� for client TBS, listed within iFilm’s top “100 Downloaded Videos� of all time.

Said Feldstein, “We see ‘The Writers Room’ as a workplace comedy, just without the work. Unlike NBC’s ‘30 Rock’ or HBO’s legendary ‘Larry Sanders’ show, ‘The Writers Room’ never presents the actual ‘show’ to our audience. We chose instead to focus on the writers’ room, since some of the funniest stuff never leaves the room. Not to mention the fact that we simply didn’t have enough budget to build an actual talk show set!�

Adds Roth, “We don’t think of our show as a mockumentary series like ‘The Office.’ Our actors never acknowledge the camera, and we don’t have confessionals. On top of that, we wanted our show to feel more real than anything else out there, so we made the conscious decision to have our cast be entirely comprised of actual comedy writers and show runners.�


The cast members of the series are: Kevin Pollak, Bruce Kirschbaum (“Seinfeld,� “Everybody Loves Raymond,� “The Ben Stiller Show,) Ed Crasnick (“The Sopranos,� “Curb Your Enthusiasm,� “Whose Line Is It Anyway,�) Evan
Mann (“Jamie Kennedy Experiment,� “The Gilmore Girls,� “How I Met Your Mother,�) Gareth Reynolds (“The Real Wedding Crashers,�) Jeff Kahn (“The Ben Stiller Show,� “Larry Sanders,� “�Curb Your Enthusiasm,�) Frank Conniff (“Mystery Science Theater 3000,�) and Rose Abdoo (“Curb Your Enthusiasm,� “The Gilmore Girls,� “Strangers with Candy,� “Malcolm in the Middle.�)


Launched in 2000 by co-presidents Mark Feldstein and Brad Roth, Stun Creative is an award winning, Los Angeles-based advertising agency and production company that specializes in writing, directing and producing spots and campaigns for cable and broadcast networks as well as the major studios. Stun also boasts a motion graphics design and animation studio, Buster, that produces show opens, promo packages, and consumer brand advertising.

Stun Creative’s clients include TBS, FX, Bravo, ABC, Sundance Channel Discovery Channel, GSN, 20th Television and Warner Brothers to name a few.

Stun Creative is located at 5757 Wilshire Blvd, Suite # 600, LA, CA, 90036. The phone is 323/460-4035 and the web is