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Stun Creative Produces Promo Campaigns for TV Guide Network, Discovery & Game Show Network

Los Angeles, CA, Sept. 6, 2007 – Stun Creative, a multi-award winning advertising agency based in Los Angeles, has produced a new live action promo campaign for TV Guide Network‘s “Red Carpet” specials, starring Lisa Rinna and Joey Fatone, which has just begun to air. Stun also recently completed high profile projects for the Discovery Channel and for the Game Show Network. Stun co-presidents Brad Roth and Mark Feldstein made the announcements.


For client TV Guide Network, Stun Creative wrote, produced and directed a multi-spot, live-action, on-air promotional campaign announcing Lisa Rinna and Joey Fatone as the new co-hosts of the Networks LIVE Award Show red carpet coverage. The comedic spots will begin to air on TV Guide Network in mid-September.

The new campaign takes advantage of Rinna and Fatone‘s dancing pedigrees, as they prepare to tango on the red carpet with Hollywood‘s biggest stars. Rinna and Fatone have fun at their own expense, and in one spot, tumble head over heels in front of snapping paparazzi. Another spot has Rinna lampooning one of her best assets, her lips.

Regarding Stun‘s work, Todd McNulty, Vice President, On-Air Promotion, TV Guide Network, said, “At TV Guide Network we are ecstatic about our new red carpet team. To market them, we needed to find the right agency that could launch Lisa and Joey with style and grace and also highlight their chemistry and fun appeal. Brad and Mark are always great to collaborate with, and they rolled out the red carpet for this one.”


Stun Creative recently produced a comedic, multi-spot campaign that is currently airing on both the Discovery Channel and in movie theaters across the U.S. The campaign promotes the series “Dirty Jobs” with Mike Rowe, and features Rowe interacting with a live 200-pound pig on a pedestal. The spots, shot over a white, pristine background, are in stark contrast to the filthy, grimy world that Rowe usually inhabits. Each spot has Mike Rowe conversing with the pig about everything from crumping at the nightclubs to his extensive resume of dirty jobs, which include a stint as an artificial inseminator for a pig.

Mike Rowe said, “For nearly three years, I have been continually upstaged by dozens of species and countless barnyard animals. Now, the visionaries at Stun Creative have placed me next to an enormous swine in a widespread marketing campaign. Naturally, I have fired both my agent and my publicist, and am currently seeking new representation. However, I must admit that Stun Creative has done a masterful job of calling attention to the underlying themes of ‘Dirty Jobs,‘ while launching the career of an anonymous Pig at the expense of my own.”


To announce the re-launch of Game Show Network‘s website as a destination for gaming rather than just as a promotional site for the channel, Stun Creative designed and produced a :30 spot that asks viewers the question: “What kind of gamer are you?” The types of gamers featured in the spot include “Investi-Gamer,” “Celebri-Gamer,” “Game Pimp” and the “Gaminator.” To execute the promo, Stun called on its design arm, Buster, to create a fun and stylized graphic world that highlights the various players and the games they play.

Jaime Klein, Vice President, On Air Promotion, GSN, said, “I‘d waited a long time to work with Brad and Mark, but schedules didn‘t permit. It was worth the wait. They did a fabulous job. And I get 10% off my next spot by writing this positive quote. I love these guys!!”


Launched in 2000 by co-presidents Mark Feldstein and Brad Roth, Stun Creative is an award winning, Los Angeles-based advertising agency and production company that specializes in writing, directing and producing spots and campaigns for cable and broadcast networks as well as the major studios.

Stun also boasts a motion graphics design and animation studio, Buster, that creates show opens, promo packages, and consumer brand advertising.

Stun‘s most recent clients include TBS, FX, Bravo, ABC, Disney Channel, NBC Universal, TV Guide Channel, Discovery Channel, GSN, and 20th Television, to name a few. The Stun produced “sexy pie fight” promotional spot for client TBS‘ “The Real Gilligan‘s Island,” (featuring “Ginger” and “Mary Ann”) has been listed within iFilm‘s top 100 videos of all time.

Stun Creative is located at 5757 Wilshire Blvd, Suite # 600, LA, CA, 90036. The phone is 323/904-4861 and the web is