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Stun Creative and Buster Design Collaborate on new Investigation Discovery TV Network Promotion

Los Angeles, CA, February 12, 2008 – Buster, a conceptual design studio that specializes in motion graphics for the advertising and broadcasting industries, was retained to develop and design the “look and feel� of Discovery Communications’ new “Investigation Discovery� (ID) cable TV network, formerly the Discovery Times Channel. Buster is a division of Stun Creative; Stun Creative co-presidents Mark Feldstein and Brad Roth made the announcement.

Building on its longtime history with Discovery, Stun Creative was excited to re-team with Garnsey Sloane, Supervising Producer, Discovery, for this network re-branding project. Said Roth and Feldstein,“The ‘ID’ network project was a great opportunity for us, as it truly involved every area of our company, including writing, live action production, graphic design & animation, and full scale post production and editorial, across multiple platforms. We’re especially proud of the look and feel our Buster team was able to create.�

Buster’s Jonas Morganstein, Executive Creative Director & Executive Producer, and Kurt Spenser, Creative Director & Head of Production, said jointly, “It’s not every day you get to help create a new brand identity from scratch. We were charged with visually depicting an exciting new brand, while concurrently retaining the credibility and prestige of the established Discovery brand image. Hopefully, viewers to this new channel will become deeply engaged in the investigative process.�

Previously, Buster has developed and produced the re-brands for several other cable television channels and networks, including the Food Network Primetime, and the Shop at Home Channel.


The new “ID� network showcases the work of Stun and Buster with a brand new logo, new promo graphics packages, and a wide variety of show promos and branding launch spots.

In addition to Buster’s graphics work, the team produced a serialized, live action, viral marketing promo campaign, originally consisting of three, 60-second spots. Each of these spots, directed by Buster’s own Kurt Spenser, follows a lead detective, “John Brannan,� as he tries to solve a mysterious missing persons case. These spots have been designed to drive viewers to call a phone number featured within them (213/ 505-1239,) and also to drive viewer traffic to the new website:


Launched in 2000 by co-presidents Mark Feldstein and Brad Roth, Stun Creative is an award winning, Los Angeles-based advertising agency and production company that specializes in writing, directing and producing spots and campaigns for cable and broadcast networks as well as the major studios.

Stun also boasts a motion graphics design and animation studio, Buster, that creates show opens, promo packages, and consumer brand advertising.

Stun’s most recent clients include TBS, FX, Bravo, ABC, Disney Channel, TV Guide Channel, Discovery Channel, GSN, and 20th Television, to name a few. The Stun produced “sexy pie fight� promotional spot for client TBS’ “The Real Gilligan’s Island,� (featuring “Ginger� and “Mary Ann�) has been listed within iFilm’s top 100 videos of all time.

Stun Creative is located at 5757 Wilshire Blvd, Suite # 600, LA, CA, 90036. The phone is 323/460.4035 and the web is


Launched in 2004 by co-presidents Brad Roth and Mark Feldstein as a division of their noted advertising agency Stun Creative, Buster is a conceptual design studio specializing in original animated content for the advertising and broadcast industries. Led by Executive Creative Director Morganstein, Buster provides its clients with a one-stop solution, by developing and delivering dynamic ideas driven by innovative imagery that always tells a story.

Buster’s core services include design, animation and live action direction for TV commercials, TV show opens and network packages. The studio’s work has become renowned internationally for its “Sometimes Dramatic, Sometimes Quirky, but Always Intriguing� style.

Among Buster’s clients are HBO, Food Network, Bravo, HGTV, MTV, Discovery Channel, ESPN, FX and AMC to name a few. Buster is located at 5757 Wilshire Blvd, Suite # 600, Los Angeles, CA, 90036. The phone is 323/460.4035, and the web is