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Dallas, TX, July 17, 2006 - Stephen Arnold Music (SAM,) widely regarded as the leading provider of original and syndicated music to the broadcasting industry, with its musical compositions heard daily in over 100-million American homes on 300 television stations and numerous broadcast and cable TV networks, will release a new promo library collection entitled “Box of Rocks: Video Music” on August 8th. The announcement was made by Stephen Arnold, founder/composer, Stephen Arnold Music.

In addition, Mr. Arnold also announced the debut of the company‘s new and improved website

. The new site has been designed to be more efficient and streamlined for SAM clients, offering them an updated, cleaner, and more contemporary look and feel.

The new “Box of Rocks” promo library, with the tagline “Thinking Outside, Rocking Inside,” will consist of 7 initial CDs of original music produced by Stephen Arnold Music. The tracks in the library will range in length from 30-90 seconds. After the Aug. 8th release, one new CD will be added to the “Box of Rocks” collection during each upcoming quarter.

Utilizing 15 years of experience in the broadcast industry, Stephen Arnold and co-producer Chad Cook, Creative Director at Stephen Arnold Music, have developed a promo and programming library that is intensely focused on delivering a music collection that in eminently useable: no music fluff or irrelevancy.

Each cut from “Box of Rocks,” regardless of its length, is designed to “tell a complete story,” making the music visually expressive and perfect for the demands of promo procedures who are looking for great emotional dynamics and defined edit points. Also, the cut lengths are based on actual broadcast time demands: for example--a cut that is labeled 20-seconds is a true, usable 20-seconds.


Founded in 1993, Stephen Arnold Music (SAM), based near Dallas, with additional offices in Santa Fe, New York, and San Diego, is a full-service music production company servicing television networks, TV stations, film houses, and advertising agencies, worldwide. The company regularly contributes original

music to 300 television stations in the U.S., and its music is heard in over 100-million American homes daily. SAM specializes in original music composition: providing music for network campaigns, news packages, promotional, sports, and entertainment packages, scoring for film and video, and producing original music for multimedia and interactive applications. The company website is:

Over the years SAM clients include CNN, ABC News, CBS, The Weather Channel, CNN Headline News, the National Geographic Channel, FOX, HBO, Time-Warner, TNN, The Golf Channel, ESPN, the WB Network, Belo, Sinclair and Media General Broadcasting, as well as such major advertisers as McDonald‘s, Honda, Pizza Hut, Hershey, and Kodak.