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Stargate Deploys InterSense/Cinital Virtual Studio Solution

Solution streamlines previsualization process, significantly shortening video effects creation cycle

InterSense, Inc., a market leader in precision motion tracking technology, recently announced it has collaborated with CinitalTM LLC, an emerging developer of next-generation visual effects tools, to develop a customized, state-of-the-art virtual studio solution for virtual effects company Stargate Digital.

Featuring Cinital‘s Previzion HD Studio and InterSense‘s IS-1200 VisTracker inertial-optical motion tracking system, the customized solution provides filmmakers with the ability to key, track cameras, render 3D backgrounds and combine live and computer generated High Definition images in real time. The new solution drastically reduces the time needed to incorporate final video effects into post-production, as it provides composite images quickly and reliably as filming is taking place — eliminating the need to wait days or weeks to combine live action foregrounds with computer generated backgrounds.

The Previzion-based system offers advanced camera motion tracking and scene integration technology for rapid previsualization and visual effects creation. Composed of a rack-mounted CPU and camera tracking sensors, the solution can process live video and record all tracking data for later use.

“Two years ago, Previzion was created out of frustration with both traditional location based photography and the classic visual effects workflow — it was taking too long to bring everything together,” stated Cinital Founder Eliot Mack. “InterSense has helped us take Previzion to the next level, making it possible for television and film producers to immediately see what they‘ve created. They now have their own on-site, on-camera visual effects studio.”

“Today, more than ever, a virtual backlot is a necessity for all filmmakers, providing the creative means through which they can go where they want to go and tell the stories they want to tell,” stated Sam Nicholson, CEO and Founder, Stargate Digital. “This new virtual studio solution from Cinital and InterSense further integrates the complete visual effects pipeline and will drastically streamline the previsualization process.”

“We‘re thrilled to provide key, enabling technology for virtual production used in film and television program creation,” stated Dean Wormell, Director, Visualization & Simulation Applications Marketing, InterSense. “Virtual Production requires flexible real-time, precision motion tracking for both hand-held and dolly shots. Our IS-1200 VisTracker, combined with Cinital‘s Previzion system, removes many of the traditional barriers associated with camera tracking technologies, allowing producers and directors greater creative freedom.”

About Stargate Digital

Stargate Digital is an award winning visual effects company best known for its innovative work in film and television. Current television and film credits include Heroes, Grey’s Anatomy, Ugly Betty, ER, Crossing Jordan, and The Dead Zone, among others. Founded in 1985, Stargate Digital has studios in Los Angeles and Vancouver with over 150 Artists, Supervisors, and Producers covering all areas of digital production, visual effects, and offers a fully equipped stage in Van Nuys, with complete grip, camera and lighting packages. In addition to Matte Painting, 3D, Compositing, film and HD production, and editorial services, Stargate Digital offers innovative Virtual Backlot™ techniques utilizing proprietary technologies. Stargate also offers upfront script evaluation, storyboarding, and pre-viz to help develop the signature looks or best determine the right approach for complex visual effects scenes.

About Cinital

Cinital LLC, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is an emerging developer of 3D virtual studio technology solutions. Founded in 2003, the company‘s next generation cinematic solution, Previzion HD Studio, is an end-to-end virtual studio system that incorporates camera motion tracking and scene integration for rapid previsualization or visual effects creation. Geared to a wide range of users – independent filmmakers, corporate video producers, cinema producers, and broadcasters, among other creative professionals – Previzion offers access to sophisticated 3D visual effects tools without the cost barriers associated with existing high end systems. Previzion integrated hardware/software production tools are currently available directly from Cinital. For more information, visit


About InterSense

Founded in 1996, InterSense Inc., is a precision motion technology company delivering real time positioning, tracking and alignment capabilities, which bring higher speed and quality to visual simulation and enhanced vision and navigation applications. InterSense’s patented motion tracking products enable realistic interaction with computer graphics for demanding applications including simulation and training; oil and gas exploration; manufacturing; virtual prototyping and design; medical imaging; entertainment; and video/film production. Privately-held InterSense is headquartered in Bedford, Massachusetts. For more information, visit



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