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Leading postproduction company

Spy Post

might be based in San Francisco, but it’s creative reach spans far across the country and globe in the form of commercials, music videos, viral campaigns and independent features. Spy Post Senior Colorist Chris Martin’s extremely fruitful relationship with Directors David McClister and Roman White of Nashville-based Revolution Pictures, a music video and commercial production company, has already yielded nearly 20 music videos in 2007 alone.

These include videos for award-winning artists such as LeAnn Rimes, Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Mat Kearney and Cole Deggs to name a few. Martin was first introduced to Revolution Pictures through a local San Francisco DP Norman Bonney, a frequent collaborator of McClister and White.

“We’re big on a relationships,� says Randy Brewer, Owner/Executive Producer of Revolution Pictures. “We thrive on finding great people to work with whether it’s our crew, DP or colorist. There’s a huge level of trust with Chris. He brings so much experience and imagination to the table. Sometimes, we’re not even physically there, but he always creates the right look and does what’s best for the production. We’re very happy with all of the work he’s done for us. Plus, he’s a cool dude. He made me a margarita at our first meeting!�

“I’ve been working with David and Roman for two years now,� says Martin. “They are very different in their styles, which is great for me in terms of the artistic challenges. Both David and Roman always encourage me to explore and experiment with diverse looks for their films. Music videos are more guttural, and less cerebral. I feel more like a painter than a brain surgeon.�

Director David McClister, who is also an accomplished still photographer, has worked with Martin on seven LeAnn Rimes music videos in the past two years. One of their videos for LeAnn Rimes has received much attention this year. “Nothin’ Better to Do,� the first single from her new album releasing this month, has been featured in the New York Times and Entertainment Weekly. McClister and Martin are currently finishing a video for Columbia Records band Cole Deggs & The Lonesome.

“Each job with Chris has been different. There is no signature look. I always have visual references such as photographs, movies or paintings to show Chris of the color palette I have in mind. Chris is so incredibly talented; he really listens and does the research. He approaches each project with a fresh eye and with an incredible amount of energy and excitement. No ego and no agenda. He’s there to fine-tune the looks and help make a great piece that we’re all proud of.�

Roman White, a CMT Award-winning director and an accomplished Flame artist, has collaborated with Martin on an impressive number of videos this year. Recently, the two completed five in a span of two weeks. Their body of work includes clips for Carrie Underwood, the much-touted Reba McIntyre duet with Kelly Clarkson, as well as Mat Kearney, which aired during a “Grey’s Anatomy� special.

“I’ve worked with Chris on more music videos than I can count at this point and he’s brought something incredibly different to each and every one,â€? comments White. “He has an amazing eye for detail and always surprises me, but in a good way! I’m sure there are people out there who believe transfer is just hitting a button to make something blue or pulling a lever to make something brighter, but being a transfer artist is just that…ART. I come back to Chris time and time again because he is an exceptional artist and he never fails to amaze me with his talent.â€?
“Everyone at Spy Post has always been such great hosts,� concludes McClister. “They treat you so wonderfully. The quality of work and experience there is just top notch.�

Spy Post is located at 577 2nd Street, Suite 103, San Francisco, CA 94107
T: 415.621.7791. F: 415.621.7792