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Spy Post Colorist Chris Martin Helps Director Roman White Create Lush Worlds for Reba McEntire & Carrie Underwood

San Francisco, CA – (August 22, 2008) – Continuing their prolific music-video collaboration,

Spy Post

Senior Colorist Chris Martin and Revolution Pictures Director Roman White recently completed new videos for Reba McEntire and Carrie Underwood.

“Chris has a huge level of experience, and it shows in every collaboration,� says Randy Brewer, Owner/Executive Producer of Revolution Pictures. “He doesn’t have one signature look, and always knows what needs to be done specifically for the project. Having a go-to colorist like Chris is beneficial to our company and to the overall production. Our relationship with him and Spy Post has worked out so well.�

Reba McEntire’s “Every Other Weekend� follows a very realistic storyline and features the parents meeting at a playground parking lot to exchange children, toys and backpacks for the weekend. Reba narrates the story and witnesses the lingering love between the mom and dad when they accidentally wind up hand-in-hand and time stands still.

To view “Every Other Weekend,� please go to

For Colorist Chris Martin, the goal was to create a warm rich look to the Reba video, drawing inspiration from a 1960s film in terms of color saturation.

Carrie Underwood’s “Just A Dream� tells the heartbreaking story of a young couple in love, torn apart by the untimely military death of the fiancé. The video features Underwood as the beautiful bride, walking in a magical wedding procession towards her beloved. The scenery suddenly transitions into a melancholy funeral as Underwood receives word that her fiancé has been killed in combat. She struggles to deal with his absence, declaring that this is “just a dream.�

To view “Just A Dream,� please go to

The color was a significant part of the story in “Just A Dream,� which had to capture two distinct worlds and contrasting looks.

“Roman and I spent a lot of time creating a colorful and diffused dreamy quality to the wedding scene,� explains Martin. “We used cinematic and rich colors like you’d see in old films, and highlights with a deep focused value to them. Roman wanted the environment to change in the same way seasons do. There was lot of sunlight and warm amber kisses to the trees. Then the forest becomes desaturated and the skin tones become cooler with the funeral transition, but we isolated Carrie and maintained a nice quality to her skin.� As the Carrie Underwood video was more involved from a post standpoint, White discussed the transitions with Martin prior to the shoot on Super 35mm. Martin provided different layers and passes so White could achieve a seamless morphing of Underwood’s dress from white to black in Flame.

“It’s been a pleasure working with Roman on so many different projects these past few years,� concludes Martin. “We have a shorthand for how we work, and we understand each other’s aesthetic. His technical expertise as a Flame & FX artist allows him to put himself in my shoes. There’s no need to explain or educate. He looks to me to add my own contributions to the project, which is a nice validation.�

Production Company: Revolution Pictures
Director: Roman White (Reba & Carrie)
DP: Norman Bonney
Producer: Randy Brewer (Reba & Carrie)
Co-Producer: PJ Sodaski (Reba)
Where Shot: Los Angeles, CA (Reba) & Nashville, TN (Carrie)

Postproduction Company: Spy Post
Executive Producer: Lori Joseph
Colorist: Chris Martin
Assistant Colorist: Carey Burens

Spy Post, headquartered in San Francisco, is a full-service creative boutique with deep technical knowledge and post-production expertise. The company combines seasoned colorists, editors, artists with a state-of-the-art facility that includes a Spirit 2K Plus datacine, da Vinci 2K real-time color enhancer, switchable Avid and Final Cut Pro offline-edit suites, compositing and visual effects suites with Flame, and multiple 2D / 3D workstations for visual effects and animation. Spy Post has worked on nationally broadcast spots, award-winning independent films, and box office leading Hollywood blockbusters.

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