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Spy Post Colorist Chris Martin Contributes to Surreal Music Video for Mat Kearney

Spy Post

Colorist Chris Martin recently contributed his talent to a new music video for Mat Kearney, “Breathe In Breathe Out,” which aired on September 19th during a special for the ABC drama “Grey‘s Anatomy.” Roman White of Revolution Pictures, a frequent collaborator, directed the powerful and surreal video.

To view “Breathe In Breathe Out,” please go to:

“Breathe In Breathe Out” is a moody piece, which opens on a close-up of Kearney lying on a wet street in the dark night. He slowly opens his eyes and gets up, walking down the street with a purpose. Overhead streetlights shine hotly on him before he disappears into the deep shadows. Kearney walks into an apartment where a stunning girl (actress Q‘Orianka Kilcher in the feature film “New World”) sits on a couch. He nuzzles close to her, whispering his serenade into her ear, but she seems unaware of his presence. He leaves her and returns to the street, where he makes his way through a gathering crowd and lies down again, this time at the hands of paramedics. The moment of realization happens when the young woman is seen on the street crying at the loss of her beloved.

“Breathe In Breathe Out” consists of only four shots of video – telling the story with long takes of slow motion video. Director Roman White wanted a raw indie vibe to the film and turned to Colorist Chris Martin for help in establishing the right mood.

“From a color standpoint, we created moody shadows with blues, teals and greens,” explains Martin. “We also let the skin tones play through so they weren‘t ghostly, but had an ethereal quality. As Mat walks through the lights, they blow out a bit before he goes into the shadows. What was so nice about this video is that the shots were :30 – :40 long so we could really let the colors absorb, dissolve and play out.”

To maintain a rough and unrefined feel to the footage, DP Norman Bonney shot the entire video on a hand-held camera. The mood was then supported by Martin via the color correction.

“This was one of five music videos that I did with Roman in two weeks‘ time,” concludes Martin. “On all of the videos he gave me a framework from which to start, but really let me sink my teeth into each video and explore different looks and palettes. As a colorist, this really left me knowing that we had explored many different directions and that the looks we settled on worked with his concepts and the mood of the music and artist.”

Production Company: Revolution Pictures

Director: Roman White

DP: Norman Bonney

Executive Producer/Producer: Randy Brewer

Postproduction & VFX Company: Spy Post

Transfer and Color Correction: Chris Martin

HD Finishing and VFX: Darren Orr, Alaina Goetz, Kyle Gray

Executive Producer: Lori Joseph

Producer: TJ Kearney