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Splice & Fiend Partner On Charming New Spot; Motivating Travelers To “Explore Minnesota”

Fiend Director Joe Schaak teamed with the creatives at Splice Here® via ad agency Colle+McVoy on an inspiring new spot for Explore Minnesota Tourism. The new commercial playfully showcases an eclectic cast of Minnesotans who guide viewers through the myriad of activities awaiting travelers in the Land of the 10,000 Lakes.

“Together with our agency and production partners, we have created a truly standout ad,” said John Edman, Director of Explore Minnesota Tourism. “The spot delivers on communicating the wide variety of things to do throughout the state through a creative execution that is memorable, effective, and fun.”

For Schaak, teaming with Splice VFX Supervisor/Artist Mark Youngren and Editor Chadwick Nelson was a meeting of the creative minds. “The team developed ideas to shoot in-studio as one continuous diorama and the client loved it,” said Schaak “Splice was great to work with because they mapped out the entire project in 3D space, so that we had the timing and flow just right. I especially enjoyed working with Mark again. I knew that Mark was the guy for this and would be able to pull off the visual effects in a very natural ‘invisible’ way.”

Youngren (who recently joined Splice from ILM) compliments Schaak on a simple, but truly brilliant concept. “The project was incredibly complex despite it’s low-tech look. Very early on, we knew what an important tool pre-visualization was going to be,” he remarked. “We planned out the shoot, giving guidance to the set designers.” Not only was Youngren on-set to supervise the visual effects, but Nelson was there as well with his gear to make sure the timing of the elements were working during the shoot.

“Fiend and Splice helped bring our concept to life in a very vivid and memorable way,” said Mike Caguin, executive creative director, Colle+McVoy. “The spot has been very well received.”

“I’m really happy about the end result because as complicated as the process was for us behind the scenes, the final visuals have maintained this very charming, low-fi look,” concludes Schaak.

About Splice Here®:
A creative post-production company, housed in a historic building in the Warehouse District of Minneapolis, Splice Here® has expanded its reach nationally, collaborating closely with clients in feature films, television, and advertising. Dedicated to comprehensive client service and high-quality production values, the prolific Splice team provides design, edit, color, visual effects, sound, and original music for high-profile projects. Splice’s recent film projects include: “Ana’s Playground,” “Wedding Bros.,” “Au Pair, KS,” “Pride of Lions,” and “Stuck Between Stations.” Recent Splice clients include: Best Buy, Discovery Channel, The Food Network, Travel Channel, Target and Nickelodeon.

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Client: Explore Minnesota Tourism

Agency: Colle+McVoy
Executive Creative Director: Mike Caguin
Group Creative Director: Eric Husband
Art Director: Derek Till
Copywriter: John Neerland
Producer: John Borchardt

Production Company: Fiend
Director: Joe Schaak
Director of Photography: Jeff Stonehouse
Producer: Mark Riddle

Editorial/VFX/Post Company: Splice
Editor: Chadwick Nelson
Asst Editor: Kevin Russell
VFX Supervisor/Flame Artist: Mark Youngren
VFX Artist: Ben Watne
PreViz Artist: Mike Hoium
Colorist: Michael Sandness
Post Producer: Shelby Wong

Music: Modern Music

Sets/Props: Yellow Dog Scenic