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The Brief Sound Lounge's Cory Melious created the sound design for the 26-minute short film,


which was conceived by artist Luis Gispert as part of his El Mundo Es Tuyo (The World is Yours) exhibition. It will be projected continuously in high definition and paired with a series of large-format photographs and several sculptures that mirror the images and emotional responses of the film.

Bathed in the atmosphere of 1980's Miami, Smother explores violent and sometimes twisted childhood nightmares through memories. The film, drifting between real and hyper-real, follows an 11-year-old boy as he undergoes a series of painful physical transformations that ultimately lead him to break the adolescent bonds that bind him to his overbearing mother. Gispert wrote the script with artist Orly Genger and collaborated on the soundtrack with the Miami-based interdisciplinary bass experimentalist Phoenecia (Joshua Kay & Romulo Del Castillo).

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Melious edited the entire dialog of the film and created the sound design for the piece. He worked closely with Gispert in the studio on the final surround sound mix. A very naturalistic soundscape was used that morphs into a style of lo-fi effects for the end of the film. This complemented the graphic effects that utilized an 80's color palette with square and rectangular shapes, but modernized as brilliant high def imagery.

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The exhibition is at the Zack Feuer Gallery, in collaboration with the Mary Boone Gallery through February 16th, 2008.

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The Creds

Film Title: Smother
Written by: Luis Gispert, Orly Genger
Production Co: Hunting Lane Films
Producer: Alex Orlovsky Post/Effects: SUSPECT
VFX Director/Lead Flame Artist: Tim Crean
CG Artist/Animator: Doug Purver
Flame Artist: Karen Heston; Jaime Aguirre; Greg Cutler; Chris Coleman
Executive Producer: Rob Appelblatt
Producer: Stefanie Bassett Audio Post: Sound Lounge
Sound Design/ Final Mix: Cory Melious
Contributing Sound Designer: Evan Mangiamele
Foley Artist: Jason Trammel

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