Sound Lounge Entertainment Division Mixes a Win at LA Film Fest

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Director Darius Marder's documentary, Loot (

), mixed by Cory Melious of Sound Lounge's Entertainment division, took home the Target Documentary Award at the recent 2008 Los Angeles Film Festival. Melious commented on his involvement in the project, "This film was a little bit different from most in that it opens without any music. We had to build an intro using just sound design. It opens with the sunrise in a Philippine city, so we slowly built the scene from just a couple of kids playing at dawn, to a full blown bustling city soundscape mid-morning. As we meet the various characters, we had to set the tone just right so that each one possessed their own mysterious feeling...Another interesting point of the film was realizing how parallel the three characters lives were, even though each one ultimately ends in very different places."

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Loot follows the trials and tribulations of treasure hunter, Lance Larson. His current prospects are two World War II veterans who buried treasure after the war, one in Austria and the other in the Philippines. Despite the tremendous odds that stand against him, Larson is determined to find the elusive riches. Marder's haunting debut parallels the epic search for loot with disarmingly powerful resurrections of the past. Prompted by Larson's curiosity, each veteran is gradually forced to face ghosts that have been locked away for 60 years. As their former lives materialize, they join together in an obsessive quest for closure, hoping to transform the present by resolving the past. Marder deftly keeps the metaphors as buried as the treasure while intimately charting the trio as they feed one another's delusions. The end of the rainbow reveals a depiction of humanity that is both philosophically profound and spiritually heart-wrenching.

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The Creds:

Film Title: Loot (Documentary)

World Premiere

In English and German with English subtitles Directed By: Darius Marder

Writer: Darius Marder

Producer: Darius Marder

Executive Producer: Dan Campbell

Cinematographers: Darius Marder, Anson Call

Editor: Darius Marder

Dialog Editor: Mary Ellen Porto

Music: Max Avery Lichtenstien

Featuring: Lance Larson, Andrew Seventy, Darrel Ross, Michael Larson Audio Post: Sound Lounge Entertainment

Mixer: Cory Melious

About Cory Melious

Cory originally came to Sound Lounge in the fall of 2002 as an intern, then quickly became an assistant in the Machine Room. Now a mixer five years later, he still loves working with the same creative and talented people, helping them to achieve their project goals. Cory stays focused and inspired with the work by alternating his talents between both documentaries and feature films. This completely different style of mixing allows him to work hard and hone multiple skillsets. About working with Sound Lounge Cory adds, "In all honesty, I am humbled. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would be living and working in New York at the greatest post-production facility, surrounded by so many talented people." Corys attention to detail helps him create an entire sound scenario, even without a supplemental image. "I want to hear everything. I want to be sucked in. If the scene is on a street corner in a city I want to hear it all. The subway rumbling below my feet, the police cars 6 blocks away. I even want to hear the bike messenger zoom by, or the coffee cup some jerk just tossed on the ground." Some of his favorite projects include 4 Cylinder 400 and Sidiki: The Man, The Music, The Message, two documentaries that both inspired and hit close to home. Before coming to Sound Lounge, Cory received his B.S. in Sound Recording Technology from the State University of New York College at Fredonia.

About Sound Lounge Entertainment:

Since opening its doors eight years ago Sound Lounge has been on the cutting edge of digital audio technology. Dedication to the latest technological advances and methods has kept Sound Lounge at the forefront of advertisings audio post industry. This commitment to a state-of-the-art facility has helped create the new Entertainment Division, which is focused on providing complete audio post-production services for film, television and other long-format projects. At the center of the new division is the newly constructed Mix Suite, but Sound Lounge also boasts 12 other studios to accommodate ADR/VO sessions and several additional 5.1 rooms, perfectly suited for premixing large projects or doing final mixes for smaller projects. The Lounge is also outfitted with an immense sound effects library on a lightening fast internal network, and supports a variety of video formats including DVCam, Digibeta, and HD.

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