Sound Designer Peter Zinda Deploys Eventide Anthology II On Major Hollywood Films

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Eventide’s Anthology II TDM plug-in bundle has allowed prominent film sound designer, Peter Zinda, to transition from his trusted Eventide DSP4000 and other outboard processors to a plug-in bundle that provides him with a panoply of sounds unavailable anywhere else. “My DSP4000 is one of the few outboard pieces I still reach for,� said Zinda. “But now, the Anthology II plug-in bundle gives me that great Eventide sound, along with programmability and the power to automate parameters on any track. Anthology II also allows me to use multiple instances of plug-ins in the same session which I couldn’t do with my outboard gear.� Zinda has also found that, when the processing chain is saved inside the session, it becomes easier to go back to a project at a later date. It also enables him to collaborate with another sound editor – all useful tools when working on a major feature film release. Such command of a broad array of sonic tools serves Zinda well in his many well-known projects. He has served as sound designer and sound effects editor on a vast number of major Hollywood releases such as The Express, Mission: Impossible III, Blade 2, and Chronicles of Riddick. His efforts in the studio have garnered him the Golden Reel Award for Best Sound Editing for Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, and he has been nominated for awards on many other projects. Anthology II contains: E-Channel™ - configurable channel strip with gate, compressor/limiter with sidechain, and 5-band 48-bit double precision parametric equalization EQ45 Parametric Equalizer - vintage 48-bit double precision 4-band equalization with high and low cut 12dB/octave filters EQ65 Filter Set - vintage 48-bit double precision high and low cut 18dB/octave filters, plus 2-band reject or band pass filters Eventide® Reverb - nine room types from the H8000 with 3-band parametric EQ (pre- and post-reverberator), a compressor (pre or post-reverberator) and stereo delays H3000 Band Delays™ - eight voices of delay with modulating filters; includes the Function Generator with 19 waveshapes H3000 Factory™ - patch together any combination of 18 effects; includes the Function Generator with 19 waveshapes H910 - the original Harmonizer® pitch shifter with delay H949 - deglitched pitch shifting with delay, reverse, flanging, and randomizer Instant Phaser™ - recreation of the world’s first phaser Instant Flanger™ - dedicated flanger with bounce Omnipressor™ - dynamics processor with an attitude! Octavox™ - eight-voice diatonic Harmonizer pitch shifter Precision Time Align™ - track phase alignment tool Quadravox™ - four-voice diatonic Harmonizer pitch shifter Ultra-Channel™ - configurable channel strip with gate, compressor/limiter with sidechain, Omnipressor dynamics processor, 5-band 48-bit double precision parametric equalization, micropitch shifting and stereo delays Anthology II is fully compliant with ICON, D-Control, D-Command, Venue, Pro Tools 7.4, and is Mac, Universal Binary, and PC compatible. To read more

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