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Sorenson Media Unleashes New Streamlined Review and Approval Functionality within Sorenson 360 Online Video Platform

• New Review and Approval Features include Ability to Initiate and Manage Entire Process from Sorenson 360, Time Code Filters, Rich Text Editor, and Free Permanent Cloud Storage for Squeeze 8.5 Users
• Sorenson 360 Review and Approval Integrates Seamlessly with Squeeze 8.5, Creating an Industry-Unique End-to-End Solution for Video Pros
• Cimaglia Productions Praises Platform for Providing Unsurpassed Quality and Convenience

SAN DIEGO (July 17, 2012) – Sorenson Media has effectively eliminated multiple inefficient steps in the lifecycle of video creation by developing new secure and easy-to-use review and approval functionality within the Sorenson 360 online video platform (OVP).

The new Sorenson 360 features enable video professionals to initiate and manage the entire review and approval process directly by logging into their account. Through Sorenson 360, users can automatically send an email or SMS text to stakeholders with a secure link to the video hosted in the cloud. The recipient can view the video on any device – such as an iPhone, iPad, Android device or personal computer – and provide immediate feedback using a new WYSIWYG editor within the webpage provided.

Users receive a notification via SMS text or email when feedback is provided, and all comments are centrally appended for easy group monitoring. The video creator then revises and resends until all stakeholders have seen and approved the content.

“Up to this point, the evolution of review and approval options for video professionals has been outpaced by advancements along all other aspects of video creation,” said Eric Quanstrom, COO of Sorenson Media. “Even today it is not uncommon for video editors to make a DVD of a project in its final stages and send it across a city or country in order to get final sign-offs from other project collaborators. Not only is this method antiquated and inefficient, but it can also be unbelievably time consuming. With review and approval in Sorenson 360, we’ve developed a total workflow solution that works ‘automagically’ and helps our clients produce the highest-quality videos much faster than ever before.”

The new review and approval user interface also includes a time code filter, which simplifies the process for those reviewing a video. Users can also receive a notification via SMS text or email when feedback is provided, and all comments are centrally appended for easy group monitoring.

As always, users can also initiate the review and approval process directly through Sorenson Squeeze, Sorenson Media’s gold-standard video encoding software. With Squeeze 8.5, the latest version of the software, users now receive free permanent storage within Sorenson 360, enabling them to take full advantage of key workflow enhancements, including the review and approval process.

Cimaglia Productions (@CimagliaProd) – a Chicago-based production company with over 10 years of experience creating a wide variety of high-quality creative video content for corporate, non-profit, and television-broadcast clients – has been using Squeeze with Sorenson 360 to manually send links of video files to its Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 clientele for review and approval.

“We are strong supporters of Sorenson Media and utilize their products on every project we complete,” said Matthew Cimaglia (@MattCimaglia), CEO and founder of Cimaglia Productions. “Sorenson Media helps us deliver engaging and elegant content to our clients, some of whom are always traveling. We have found that Sorenson 360’s simple and straightforward review and approval mechanism is the optimal way to get a video file to them no matter where they are. Discretion and confidentiality are often major concerns, but Sorenson 360’s password protection has proved an invaluable resource in keeping our, and our clients’, minds at ease.”

During the month of June alone, Cimagila said Cimaglia Productions has had more than 6,000 views on his company’s Sorenson 360 account. “We produce copious quantities of video content and must constantly send videos to our clients for feedback,” he added. “The slow, manual method of physically shipping DVDs back and forth was tedious, and other less-effective digital viewing methods pale in comparison. For example, even when using a file sharing service it was impossible to control the quality experienced by the viewer on the other end. My editors and account managers would riot if we ever had to return to those days, and are eagerly waiting to integrate the new, more streamlined features of upcoming editions of Sorenson 360 into our workflow.”

Pricing and Availability

Sorenson 360 pricing plans begin at $99 per month. Sorenson Squeeze 8.5 customers receive 5 GB of free permanent storage and use of all Sorenson 360 features. For more information, contact a member of the sales team at


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