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New Compact Processor and I/O Units Expand Flexibility and Reduce Cost of C100 HD Broadcast Console Range

SAN FRANCISCO, CA—At the recent AES Convention, Solid State Logic demonstrated the latest generation of the market leading C100 HD Digital Broadcast Console Range. The C100 HD-L was showcased with the new BlackRock processor system and accompanying RIO modular I/O rack. The C100 HD, C100 HD-S and the new C100 HD-L Consoles, along with a full range of routing and I/O options via the CS-B Stage Box and/or MORSE, are designed to fit installations from smaller market local stations and mobile trucks to national broadcasting facilities.

BlackRock is a new miniaturized version of the industry proven SSL Centuri Processing Core that reduces the size of the rack enclosure to a compact 2U. The new accompanying RIO I/O reduces the size of the Centuri I/O enclosure to an extremely efficient 7U. BlackRock & RIO further enhances the appeal of the C100 HD-S and C100 HD-L consoles to mobile broadcasters and space conscious installers. BlackRock delivers these remarkable space savings through the use of new CPCIe card based DSP processing cores, which provide a minimum sustained audio processing rate of 32 GFLOPS of processing power per core card. SSL’s optimized audio algorithms can achieve up to 53 GFLOPS per Blackrock core enabling SSL’s proven software environment and unrivalled audio processing capabilities to be sustained in this compact format. BlackRock Key Features •Minimum sustained audio processing rate of 32 GFLOPS in one Blackrock core •SSL’s optimized audio algorithms can achieve up to 53 GFLOPS per Blackrock core •In-built signal routing matrix with 5.3 million crosspoints (2,300 sources x 2,300 destinations) •40-bit (floating point) internal audio processing resolution •64-bit internal data bus resolution “The development of the new technology in BlackRock and RIO enhances the flexibility and space efficiency of the C100 HD console range,� says Dan Duffell, Head of Marketing for SSL. “The C100 HD range delivers HD Ready ‘Live-To-Air’ digital audio console solutions to suit the needs and budgets of local, mobile and national broadcasters and the new compact processing and I/O options further reinforce that.� Editors Notes There are three consoles available in the C100 HD console range. The newest member of the C100 family is the C100 HD-L pre-configured console designed for the facility needing C100 power, without the high capacity provided by the flagship C100 HD. All three consoles address the needs of every type of broadcaster. Suggested applications are listed below: Regional C100 HD-L Pre-configured console & I/O for local broadcast installations • 32-fader console: up to 192 audio channels • Miniaturized Centuri processing: Network-proven technology priced for regional TV stations • Complete C100 HD functionality: proven operation, ready for digital and HD • Slimline control surface: enhanced ergonomics and more faders within space-restricted control rooms Mobile C100 HD-S Scalable slimline console & I/O for mobile & space conscious installations • Scalable console surface: up to 512 audio channels • Proven Centuri processing available in a range of size and low noise configurations • Complete C100 HD functionality: proven operation, ready for HD productions • Slimline control surface: enhanced ergonomics and more faders within space-restricted control rooms: 64 faders in a 96� console width National C100 HD Industry standard scalable console & I/O for network centre applications • Completely scalable console surface, processing and I/O • Up to 512 channels: Over 600 inputs: Up to 4000 active signal paths • Very high resolution floating point architecture underpins absolute sonic performance • Simultaneous formats including HD – easily handles any feeds from around the world • The power to handle the most demanding applications controlled by the most elegant and streamlined hardware and software available MORSE Modular Resource Sharing Engine for C-Series Consoles • Extremely reliable, cost effective, and scalable solution for sharing audio I/O and managing related control data in multi-studio broadcast facilities. • Fast switchover of any control room between multiple studio floors and parallel usage of the studio floor resources by multiple control rooms – with full ownership arbitration • Control of MORSE I/O parameters and cross point routing is fully integrated into the C100’s user interfaces, resulting in a seamless operational experience • Designed for critical on-air environments with hardware redundancy and fault tolerant proprietary software Solid State Logic is the world’s leading manufacturer of analogue and digital audio consoles and provider of creative tools for music, broadcast and post production professionals. For more information about our award-winning products, please visit:



Vitec Production Solutions at the BSC Expo

As a BSC patron, Litepanels is pleased to be showcasing our award-winning lighting kits to attendees of the BSC Expo, alongside our highly-regarded sister brands OConnor and Anton/Bauer. The Expo is an important industry event for those in film and television, providing gaffers, cinematographers, producers, and more with a great opportunity to demo all of the latest gear and learn new production techniques. Our award-winning Gemini was developed thanks to the valuable feedback from world-leading DoPs — many of whom are part of the BSC — and we are proud to support BSC members whenever possible in their quest to create and capture exceptional content.


Yamaha UC Transforms the Meeting Experience at ISE 2019

Yamaha Unified Communications is ensuring customers hear every word in any meeting environment on stands 11-F120 and 11-G120 at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2019, Feb. 5-8. Attendees will be able to experience Yamaha UC's lineup of purpose-built UC solutions that address the full range of collaboration use cases.


BenQ Launches Premium CinePro Series 4K UHD HDR Home Cinema Projectors

BenQ, an internationally renowned provider of visual display solutions, today announced the availability of its HT8060 and HT9060 CinePro 4K UHD HDR home cinema projectors. Leveraging BenQ's CinematicColor technology and the latest DLP chipset, the new engines are the industry's first sub-$10K installation projectors to deliver true 4K high dynamic range (HDR) with authentic cinematic reproduction that makes viewers feel as if they've been transported to the cinema.


Just Add Power Ultra HD Over IP System Installed in New Boston Globe Headquarters

Just Add Power (J+P), a leader in Ultra HD over IP video distribution, announced that its scalable platform was successfully installed at the new headquarters for The Boston Globe. Commissioned to select a video distribution system that could drive and support the news organization's requirement for real-time access and switching of current video news, AV firm Maverick Integration installed J+P's cutting-edge, modular AV over IP system, allowing the organization to leverage its IP infrastructure to distribute HD video affordably to nearly 80 displays and 20 collaboration suites in the new facility.