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Smoke & Mirrors Hits A Bullseye With Shoot ‘Em Up Fx

Smoke & Mirrors in conjunction with London-based One of Us and
Stranger, just completed the Flame and color-grading work on a unique
Jon Glazer-directed music video for alt-rock supergroup The Dead

Treat Me Like Your Mother features Jack White and Alison
Mosshart of The Kills (Mosshart is a member of Dead Weather) colliding
in a ferocious and surreal duel with automatic weapons. The face-off is
set in a dusty field bordering a gaudy suburban housing tract, where
the duo unloads their clips in a relentless onslaught that complements
the music’s powerful cadence. Despite skewering one another with
countless bullets, both walk away as the video fades.

Smoke & Mirrors chipped in with many of the effects for the
firing and impact of the weapons, including bullet hits, ground hits,
and muzzle flashes. Color grading was by Mark Horrobin (Smoke &
Mirrors London) while New York had Sean Broughton, Nic Seresin and
Philip Akka lead the S&M effects with Tony Lawrence nodding it via
S&M London.

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