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Singular Software Presto Extends Integration to Premiere Pro: Launches Public Beta Program

Singular Software, a developer of workflow automation applications for digital media, is pleased to announce the public beta of Singular Software Presto for OS X (v2.0) with support for Adobe Premiere Pro. Singular Software Presto dramatically simplifies the creation of high-quality presentation videos. The application’s sophisticated computer tracking and automation technology works alongside Premiere Pro to automatically synchronize footage of the presenter, presentation slides, and a video taken of the screen – creating a polished video of the presentation in just minutes.

“Singular Software Presto has saved Sony Vegas Pro and Final Cut Pro users hours in the edit bay. We’ve received many inquiries from Adobe customers, and our team has been hard at work adding support for Premiere Pro,” says Bruce Sharpe, CEO, Singular Software. “Singular Software Presto turns what can be a tedious and time-consuming edit into one that is quick and creative. Its automation and layout tools quickly transform raw footage into a professional, polished presentation video.”

The public beta of Singular Software Presto for OS X (v2.0) offers key new features, including support for importing projects from Premiere Pro, the ability to render video directly, and full control over audio mixing.

The Singular Software Presto application utilizes advanced head tracking and image-matching technology to simplify the entire editing process for creating presentation videos. Users start by importing video of the presenter and presentation screen into Premiere Pro (CS4 or newer; PluralEyes is also required for CS4 users, and recommended for CS5 or CS5.5). This project is then imported into Singular Software Presto to apply its automation magic and presentation layout tools.

Singular Software Presto creates a precisely timed slide track with bright slide images in place of the screen video by automatically synchronizing the original slide images with the video of the screen. The application’s advanced tracking technology automatically keeps the presenter in view, alongside the slides, in appealing two-up layouts, and the resulting video can be used as is or customized with the provided templates.

Availability of Singular Software Presto for Premiere Pro

Singular Software Presto is currently available in public beta for Premiere Pro. To download the beta, go here.