SigiStar playout systems now extendable with Signum ClipRecorder

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Signum Bildtechnik has today announced that from now on all SigiStar playout systems are extendable with a Signum ClipRecorder. This Recorder enables SigiStar systems to play uncompressed sequences up to many hours. All known features and functionalities already available in the SigiStar systems like playout-control, integrated video and audio mixing are now extended from short clips to videos up to multiple hours. The one or two channel video-server with SDI interface enables also the recording with an editing system via network. All known formats like MPEG-2, DV or IMX are supported. Thus it is possible to avoid losses due to format conversion. This combination of the video server with the multi-channel SigiStar (up to 18 channels) is avoiding in a newsroom environment multiple screens for the preparation and playout of play lists. “This extension is an ideal enhancement of the SigiStar product family. Already deployed SigiStar systems can be upgraded and thus protecting customer investment�, says Harald Renz, Vice President Sales, Signum Bildtechnik GmbH. About Signum Bildtechnik Signum Bildtechnik GmbH is a leading supplier and system house for digital image processing and archiving. Systems and solutions for broadcast/television (Broadcast division) and analysis tools for highspeed image sequences (MOTION-division) are supplied. Customers include broadcast companies like ARD and ZDF, as well as validation centers like ADAC, DEKRA, TÜV and car manufacturers like VW, Daimler and BMW. For more information, visit Signum on the Internet:

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