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Short Stories: David Wild Creates New Series of Ten Second Films

Director David Wild has completed a new series of his famous and quirky Ten Second Films. The ultra short films, from comic to beautiful, showcase Wild’s irrepressible curiosity and his keen observation of quirky detail.

The new films are: Keeping America Beautiful, One Day Near Pasadena, A View from the Waiting Room and A Trip to Japan. To view:

“Years ago someone described the Ten Second Film as a Midwestern haiku (I’m originally from Michigan) — so it was a treat to distill my visit to Japan and the other stories into a brief but key moments,” explains Wild.

David Wild kick-started his career with the first series of Ten Second short film that went viral before people embraced the term. Based on these initial quick takes, MTV commissioned a series of catalogs – :10 studies on a theme. His collaboration with MTV caught the eye of ad agencies and he leapt into the expanded 30 to 60 second format with commercial directing via his own company, Wild Scientific, before joining Directorz in 2006. To date, he has directed over 100 of the Ten Second films when the inspiration strikes – or as sparked by stories relayed.

“Every time I tell people about my Ten Second Films,” says Wild, “they tell me about a ‘ten second film’ that they just saw; a little something they observed that, when isolated, tells a story.”

In addition to his Ten Second Film series, Wild’s credits include commercials for Saturn, Ford, Barnes and Noble, and White Castle as well as a short subject documentary called “17 People From Toronto.” For his endeavors he has been awarded two Cannes Silver Lions, Clio awards, honors from the London International Film Festival and was nominated by the DGA.

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