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SGO Introduces Multi-dimensional Workflow Concept and Launches Solution-Based Applications using Mistika Technology

SGO is set to introduce a new natively integrated workflow concept at this year’s NAB and launch the first phase of products as part of the company’s evolutionary growth that includes ‘Mistika VR’ and ‘Mistika Insight’.

SGO has been developing a set of new solutions using Mistika as a technology and dissecting its current turnkey offering ‘Mistika Ultima’ to develop advanced workflow applications aimed at specific tasks.

Mistika VR is an affordable VR focused solution with real-time stitching capabilities using SGO’s optical flow technology. Mistika VR has been developed using award-winning Mistika technology, so users can expect the most advanced capabilities combined with an all new intuitive interface and raw format support with incredible speed.

Mistika VR takes camera position information and sequences and stitches the images together using extensive and intelligent presets. Not only has the application been developed to encompass and work with as many existing VR camera formats as possible, but SGO is investing in the growth of the product by creating custom pre-sets for productions where teams are building the rigs themselves. NAB will be the first showing of Mistika VR, which is available and supported online, on a pay-per-use basis.

Mistika Insight is an educational and training solution with the same feature architecture as SGO’s hero suite Mistika Ultima. SGO recognises the importance of educating operators on the use of leading edge software that provides inspired talent the opportunity to turn their creative and ambitious vision into professional and sophisticated content. This gives the next generation of Mistika technology users a way to differentiate themselves and stand out in the industry.

Mistika Insight enables students, freelancers and customers to learn how to use Mistika technology through direct hands-on experience with a free software version which is supported by weekly webinars and online tutorials. Both Mistika VR and Mistika Insight run on Mac, Windows, and Linux enabling users to work at their own pace, within their own environment.

For those interested in a turn key solution, SGO will continue to invest in the development of the hero suite ‘Mistika Ultima’. Existing and future customers can expect continuous feature advancements across areas such as HDR, HFR and VR with seamless integration of all the developments that are made to the new set of specific solutions.

“NAB is going to be one of the most important shows for SGO as we introduce a revolutionary new native workflow concept to the industry” states Geoff Mills, Managing Director. “Using Mistika technology as a foundation we are enabling easy and affordable access to specific workflow solutions. Mistika VR is just the beginning with a lot more to come.”

Find SGO in the South Hall Lower – SL4227, where Mistika VR and the full 360/Stereo 3D features in the Immersive Reality Toolset’ will be demonstrated, as well as showcasing the latest developments to Mistika Ultima.

SGO will also be joining technology partner Quantum (SL5705/SL5810), where they will showcase the power of Quantum’s Xcellis high-performance workflow storage with SGO’s next-generation colour grading and finishing system – Mistika Ultima. Hourly demonstrations delivered by expert user Peter Amies, will feature grading and finishing for UHD, HDR, HFR, 8K and VR workflows. New StorNext 6 performance and collaboration features will also be highlighted.

SGO will also have a presence on the Canon booth (C4345), where colorist David Gonzalez will be demonstrating the latest HDR workflows using Mistika Ultima.

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