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The Sequel to Sequel

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Steinberg Ships Sequel 2 and add-on content

Buena Park, CA (July 22, 2008) – Steinberg North America today announced the shipping of Sequel 2, a new version of Steinberg’s successful music creation and live performance software. Sequel 2 introduces new features, including a hardware Controller Learn mode, Track Freeze, a virtual keyboard, Track Icons and many more. “This new release builds on the successful launch of Sequel last year, with more functionality that makes music creation even more creative and fun, while making no compromises on ease-of-use and accessibility,� comments Nadine Roos, Steinberg’s Marketing Manager for Sequel. “Many Cubase owners will also find Sequel an attractive, mobile composition tool for sketching out musical ideas, with the included content and the new Sequel Content Sets add even more audio content to fuel creativity.� The new features include a unique Controller Learn Mode, which allows extremely easy setup for almost any hardware controller to offer tactile control over practically any Sequel 2 function, instrument or parameter. Track Freeze enhances CPU efficiency, while the new Track Icons visually label tracks, making them easy to find and adding an attractive new element to the Sequel user interface. The Sequel MediaBay sound management system has also been improved, while new the new Audio Reverse effect and the Audio Warp features offer even more creative options. Steinberg has also released three new Sequel Content Sets for the genres of Rock, Industrial and Hip Hop. Each content set adds 200-300 top quality loops in the respective style, and are available from

. Sequel 2 is currently available at authorized Steinberg retailers for $99. Updates to Sequel 2 from the previous version are available exclusively from Steinberg’s online store for $29.



IHSE Introduces a Two-Port KVM Switching Solution for HDMI 481 Series

Addressing market demand for increased security conditions when connecting multiple computers to a single workstation area, IHSE now offers a compact two-port KVM switching solution for extended-distance connections between computer sources and user stations. The new 2x1 system makes is possible to leverage multiple computers or servers at one desk by utilizing a single keyboard, mouse, and display. Thanks to the company's award-winning Draco vario 481 series extenders for HDMI, signals can be shared across long distances over a single fiber or Cat-X connection with perfect video quality and zero mouse latency. This new two-port package from IHSE offers convenience, enhanced security, and performance superior to that afforded by fixed-box solutions.


Square Box Systems at the 2018 NAB Show New York

In Booth N557 at the 2018 NAB Show New York, Square Box Systems will demonstrate why its flagship CatDV remains on the cutting edge of media asset management (MAM). CatDV brings new levels of collaboration and empowerment to small-, medium-, and large-scale enterprises around the world, enabling them to manage, repurpose, and monetize millions of assets with ease and efficiency.