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R!OT Leverages da Vinci‘s Resolve for Collaborative Workflow in DI Finish of Commercial

CORAL SPRINGS, Fla. — June 6, 2007 —

da Vinci Systems today announced that Siggy Ferstl, colorist at R!OT Santa Monica, one of the leading post-production houses in the country, deployed the company‘s Resolve® digital mastering suite for digital intermediate (DI) color grading of the Michelin commercial, which debuted during this year‘s pregame Super Bowl show and is scheduled to air throughout 2007.

R!OT‘s CGI and VFX departments spent months creating and building the highly anticipated commercial. Near the end of the project — and on a tight deadline — Ferstl was asked to step in and cast his colorist eye over the images, balancing and enhancing shots as needed and blending live action shots into the CGI backgrounds.

At R!OT, the Resolve system is mounted on a central server that is shared with the VFX department. As the special effects department produced final changes and rendered out new versions for color correction, Resolve‘s SAN-based workflow and formatting capabilities allowed Ferstl to access the updated changes as they were being made. Ferstl was able to grab the shots he needed and drop them into the timeline. This shared access allowed him to quickly update shots without the need to import or ingest video tapes.

“Workflow is such an important part of what we do,” Ferstl said. “As the final changes and rendering out of new versions for color correction occurred for the Michelin spot, Resolve was able to access the updated changes that were being made. We needed a system integrated with the rest of the facility to work well with the special effects team. The Resolve‘s speed and flexibility allowed me to deliver the commercial on time, while its color toolset gave me the freedom to create.”

Resolve digital mastering suite expands on da Vinci‘s Emmy® Award-winning 2K Plus color enhancement system with program-conforming tools designed for advanced workflows in DI environments. For Michelin‘s Super Bowl spot, Ferstl enhanced every shot in the commercial, some implementing as many as 10 nodes (layers) of color enhancement.

Ferstl took advantage of Resolve‘s advanced features, including Polygon PowerWindows™ and Advanced Object Tracking, to isolate and brighten the interior of the car, locking in on specific regions of interest throughout frame progression. He also used these features to add blue to the sky and reduce the green tones in the grass. Ferstl used da Vinci‘s exclusive ColorTrace™ to maintain and synchronize the complex color grades, which included tracking information and nested dynamics, onto the new shot versions that the FX department was continuously feeding him.

“We are pleased that da Vinci was able to play a role in meeting the challenges and strict time constraints associated with such a highly regarded commercial,” said Bill Robertson, general manager at da Vinci Systems. “By truly understanding our customer‘s requirements, we‘ve been able to prove the Resolve system at R!OT is able to meet this world-class facility‘s workflow needs with complete integration into the existing infrastructure, thereby giving artists increased flexibility, performance and access to shared content throughout the entire facility. By adding Resolve, the creative tools and time savings clearly benefit R!OT and its customers alike.”

Resolve’s open architecture allows users to collaborate projects using a SAN, giving R!OT colorists and post-production artists power to access all the same material in any order and at any given time, without having to move data back and forth. After importing EDLs into Resolve, users utilize a single interface to conform material, add in-context color enhancement, and produce a conformed master. As editorial changes occur, reconforming is simplified with ColorTrace technology keeping color grades in place.

R!OT Los Angeles is part of Ascent Media. R!OT‘s other facilities are in New York and Atlanta. Learn more about da Vinci‘s Resolve and other image enhancement solutions at


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