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The Ringo Head – New Product From Spider Support Systems

Spider Support Systems, announces the introduction of the Ringo Head.

The Ringo Head is a camera accessory that allows an operator to mount any professional video camera at 90 degrees. New production styles can require images to be captured in a vertical orientation rather than the traditional horizontal mode. This technique is often used in point sale, fashion, and event display environments.

The Ringo Head allows an operator to easily mount their camera at a right angle and operate with existing tripod heads, jibs, and Steadicams. The Ringo Head keeps the camera’s center of gravity and lens aligned over the center of a tripod head.

The Ringo Head is compatible with full size video cameras, small format video cameras, Red Camera ,and film cameras.

Patent Pending

For more information, contact Charlie Kendall at

The Ringo Head is a trademark of Spider Support Systems
Steadicam is a trademark of the Tiffen Corporation.