rhinofx Creates, Designs, and Transforms Content For Verizon FiOs

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In a recent branding campaign for Verizon FiOs,


created a series of surreal fantasy design/animation spots to promote Verizon's fiber optic television programming service. The campaign, developed by the creative directors Arman Matin and Natasha Saenko, uses hi-tech particle progressions to piece together a wide array of animated scenes, laced with embedded iconic imagery, designed to showcase Verizon's limitless range of On Demand media and entertainment options and programs.

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Commenting on the overall process, Saenko explains, "In each scene, we came up with a core element of the genre, then built the complexities of the design around it. Our idea was to show evolution in motion in which one icon splinters and the fragments reform into another-FiOs as a form of media technology that transcends genre-boundaries." Elements of fiber optics and speed lace through every scene, integrated into the feathers of a giant eagle and the body of speeding car, adding realistic textures into the technologically advanced world of FiOs.

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Each of the spots opens with a beam of blinding light as high-speed fiber optics cable streams information into a customer's home. In a vibrant explosion, the light reforms into the shining blue On Demand button of a television remote. As the remote itself shatters, the jagged shards reunite into classic, high-excitement On Demand moments. An action hero plunges from an exploding helicopter; a hoop star's dunk obliterates the backboard; a nineteenth-century couple twirls into a carriage, locked in a first kiss' loving embrace; and an intense police chase ends in a wreck of twisted metal. As one iconic scene erupts, millions of tiny fragments of CG debris instantly and seamlessly recombine and transform into the next scene. The spots, which incorporate theatrical trailers and clips of Verizon's featured programs, culminate with hi-tech light particles forming the company's core message, "This is FiOS. This is Big." Each scene's big, dense visual feel parallels and promotes the scope of Verizon's FiOs technology and On Demand services. Verizon's core visual identity is also infused into the spots, as the red, black and gray are the predominant hues showcased throughout each piece of content. The scenes also incorporate a unique functionality-they can be pieced together in any order and combination, evolving from one shattering explosion to the next, to appropriately frame Verizon's On Demand programming trailers. Matin elaborates, "We wanted to create a sense of modularity, to efficiently break up objects in a stylized way that also really served a practical purpose. Because the visual progressions are flexible and versatile, we were able to deliver dozens of cohesive and interchangeable combinations instead of a just few static spots." rhinofx's artists also used intricate compositing to augment and enhance the detailed progressions to create fluid pieces with fast-paced vibrant designs and animated imagery.

rhinofx COO Camille Geier adds, "Collaborating with McCann really gave us the latitude to brainstorm and come up with solutions that enhanced the original concept, both to support Verizon's brand and really frame the content. Design is in our DNA and I think the output really shows the power of our studio and the large-scale projects we are able to tackle under tight time constraints." Leveraging significant growth and access to a deeper resource pool, rhinofx has been able to consistently deliver high-quality work, with notable recent commercial projects including Toyota, ESPN, Kmart, Dell, and Mercedes.

The Creds:

Agency: McCann Erickson

SVP, Group Creative Director: Chris Quillen

Senior Art Director: David Estoye

Senior Copywriter: Tom Weingard

SVP, Dir. of Verizon Production: Michele Ferone

Producer(s): Rainbow Corcoran, Eric Tao

Post/Effects: rhinofx

Creative Director(s): Natasha Saenko, Arman Matin

Producer: Nancy Giandomenico

Production Manager: Lauren Montuori

Lead Modeler: Brian Dinoto

Modeler(s): Piotr Glabinski, Andreja Vuckovic, Dragan Miokovic

Lead Animator: Goran Ognjanovic

Animator: Rob Dollase

3D Generalist: Justin Kurtz

Lead Lighter: Jasmine Katatikarn

Lighter(s): Veronica Skogberg, David Bernkopf

Lead TD: Ivan Guerrero

TD: Ken Wesley

Lead Compositor: Chris DiFiore

Compositor(s): Nitant Karnik, Makoto Sato, Aleksandar Djordjevic

Editor: Marc Steinberg, Katie Abel

Storyboard Artist: Mark D Bright

Storyboard Artist/Concept Art: David Zung

Concept Art: Sergio De La Parra

About rhinofx:

Since its launch in 2000, rhinofx has created award-winning visual effects, design, and animation for commercials, VFX for feature films, episodic television, webisodic mini-series, and videogame cinematics. The company's principals and artists have also led the industry's exploration into the boundless potential of branded digital content. By cultivating extensive relationships with key brands, advertising agencies, and film/TV studios, rhinofx utilizes its creative directors and artists to develop and execute powerful branded entertainment to build both identity and awareness. The company's principals include: CD/Director Vico Sharabani, CD/Director Harry Dorrington, CD/Director Arman Matin, CD/Director Natasha Saenko, COO/EP Camille Geier, Managing Director Rick Wagonheim, and CEO North America Zviah Eldar.



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