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RevUp Render Introduces the First Cloud Computing System for Architects Based on NVIDIA RealityServer

RevUp Render

, an innovator of cloud computing technology for the architectural, entertainment and graphics design communities, announced today RevUpVCS 3.0 Virtual Cloud System (VCS) with RevUp RealityServer, the first commercially available product for the building industry using the NVIDIA mental images


and iRay GPU-based supercomputing render platform. RevUpVCS 3.0, a high-performance computing (HPC) workstation residing within the cloud powered by RevUp RealityServer® offers architects, designers and engineers access to supercomputing-level performance from virtually any remote location.

RevUpVCS 3.0 with RevUp RealityServer utilizes high-performance CPUs, GPUs, system memory and I/O configurations, developed in partnership with RenderStream of Austin, Texas, to deliver maximum performance and BIM model-sharing capabilities in the cloud. Compatible with most leading 3D design and modeling software programs, including AutoCAD, Revit, Inventor, NavisWorks, Solidworks, McNeel Rhino, Bentley, and others. RevUpVCS with RevUp RealityServer also helps users reduce costs by eliminating the need for expensive desktop workstations, system upgrades and on-site IT.

“To see one of my unbuilt projects come to life in only a few seconds with photorealistic quality was amazing. RevUp Render helped us rapidly visualize our proposed Environmental Center (an indoor tropical rain forest within a large spherical structure). RevUp Render expanded on the drawings we were developing in Revit in an exciting and meaningful way,” said architect Peter Chermayeff, FAIA, from Peter Chermayeff, LLC. “Working in the cloud may seem daunting to some architects, but RevUp Render gave us the power and freedom we needed to quickly visualize this project—ahead of time and under budget.”

With RevUp RealityServer, renders can be distributed and processed across powerful GPU clusters like those found in the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) on the inexpensive and scalable Amazon Web Services’s (AWS) computing platform. RevUp RealityServer integrates miGenius, Ltd. technology, which allows for customizable interfaces, unrestricted camera controls, and unlimited simultaneous users, allowing users to quickly and easily share highly detailed photorealistic 3D models and environments in real time.

“Beautiful architectural illustrations and renderings were previously disconnected from the construction project data,” said Ry Bruscoe, associate AIA, founder and president of RevUp Render, Inc. “With technology such as Building Information Modeling (BIM) software and real-time rendering on the GPU with RevUp RealityServer we can virtually realize the vision of any construction project functionally and aesthetically at the same time!”

About RevUp Render
RevUp Render develops cloud computing technology for the architectural, entertainment and graphics design communities. Bridging the gap between the creative mind and model rendering, the company also offers consulting services and custom software development for architectural, BIM, and 3D applications.

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