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Renowned Promo & Graphics Producer Hema Mulchandani Wins 2010 Emmy and Promax/BDA Gold Awards for Outstanding Achievement

Hollywood, CA, July 7, 2010 — Motion graphics producer Hema Mulchandani is celebrating her 10th anniversary year in Hollywood (having relocated from her native India) with a 2010 Daytime Emmy Award win as part of the team that promoted the ABC TV series “General Hospital.â€? She is also the winner of a 2010 Promax/BDA “Goldâ€? Award for the ABC TV Promo “One Life To Live /Big November 2009.â€?

Additionally, Mulchandani was instrumental for a second Daytime Emmy Award nomination, again for “General Hospital,� and helped garner two additional Promax/BDA Award nominations this year, for work on behalf of SoapNet’s “Bank of Mom and Dad� Campaign, and ABC TV’s “General Hospital.� Promax/BDA is the television marketing industry’s trade association.

Mulchandani is presently a Senior Producer with BUSTER, a highly successful graphics and animation studio that is a division of Stun Creative, one of the leading television marketing agencies in Hollywood. Since joining BUSTER in 2007, Mulchandani’s team was also nominated for an Emmy Award in 2009, and has become widely recognized within her industry as a gifted producer of motion graphics, animation and cross-promotional marketing campaigns.

Regarding her industry success, she says, “It’s definitely not about winning awards for me, but it’s much more about doing great work that’s rewarding, unique and fun. However, the recognition that your point of view—as a creative producer—is worthy of accolades is both flattering and humbling when it comes from peers you respect.�

During the course of the past ten years, Ms. Mulchandani has produced countless on-air promos, TV commercials, motion graphics packages, music videos, and print campaigns for many of the highest profile broadcast television networks, cable channels, and their programs, as well as for internationally known product brands.

Mulchandani adds, “Your life experience plays a huge role in inspiring your creative experience in this business. I’ve been able to pull inspiration from my own culturally diverse background and apply it in so many incredible and different ways.�

Despite reaching a great many of the goals she has set for herself in Hollywood at a young age, Mulchandani has no plans to rest on the laurels of her success. “I learned early on that you have to approach every project with fervor and passion, if your creative voice is going to be heard,� she notes. “I learn something new with every production, which makes my work better the next time, And that also means that the end product the world gets to see on their television sets will improve as well.�

Add Brad Roth and Mark Feldstein, co-presidents/co-founders, STUN Creative and BUSTER, “Hema is the kind of producer that agencies search for but rarely are lucky enough to find. Her design and business background make her an incredibly effective senior team member who understands all aspects of a project – and also allows her to relate to everyone involved from the artists, to the finance teams. And the cherry on the top – she’s probably one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. We wish we could clone her.â€?

Jonas Morganstein, Executive Creative Director, BUSTER, adds, “Hema sets the bar higher and higher with each new project. She has an innate requirement to reach excellence and a true passion for the art and process of broadcast design and marketing in general. Just one example: Her work for our DirecTV Cinema rebrand campaign launched a whole new sub-brand of DirecTV – raising awareness of DirecTV’s movie offerings tenfold.�

Mulchandani’s innovative approach to her work in branding and marketing has also garnered the attention and respect of some the entertainment industry’s most iconic stars. Her most recent project was producing an emotional television campaign featuring Academy Award winning actor Morgan Freeman. Regarding her experience, she says, “Morgan gave us his immense talent and unmatched sincerity for a campaign to promote the building of 50 homes being rebuilt in just five days in New Orleans this summer. I love being able to use the power of television in this manner, to make a positive impact. And for me personally, to create a campaign such as this, with a talent as big as Morgan Freeman’s, makes for more than a memorable experience. “

In the recent past, Mulchandani has also produced an innovative promotional package for his television show, “The Green�, for legendary actor/director Robert Redford’s Sundance Channel.

In addition to the two high profile projects cited above, Mulchandani has also recently been the lead graphics producer on television promotional campaigns for the likes of WE-TV, DIRECTV, ABC’s “All My Children,� the cable network Soapnet, and numerous others. She also led a team of animators who integrated an animated “Mrs. Butterworth� character into a live-action TV spot for Geico.

After a decade of creative work in Hollywood, Mulchandani says the best is yet to come. “It was my dream to come here from India and provide my creative perspective, as well as learn from those around me. This has been and remains an incredible, ongoing experience. I can’t wait to see what the next ten years of my career will bring,� she concludes.

Before joining BUSTER, Mulchandani has also worked as a designer/animator with such other, internationally recognized branding agencies as Blissium, and the Troika Design Group. For more information, please visit