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SYDNEY, Australia – Fairlight — a pioneering force in digital audio technologies for over 30 years — is introducing an array of new products and showcasing a new look of the Fairlight brand at AES in San Francisco from October 27 – 29.

The company has been reinvigorated with fresh capital through a recent takeover by KFT Investments Pty. Ltd., leading to new investments in R&D, production and customer support to develop innovative technologies and services for its Audio Post Production clients.

Fairlight will also target new market opportunities with the launch of competitive new tactile control surfaces for the powerful CC-1 audio processing engine, including the new XSTREAM Compact Desktop Controller and QUANTUM a fully featured, mid size Console.

Recently appointed CEO Jean Claude Kathriner, joining the company from Bosch, where he held a series of senior international sales and marketing positions, will be driving the business and the many changes ahead.

The team that Kathriner heads includes highly experienced engineering leaders including Tino Fibaek, Fairlight’s Chief Technology Officer.

Kathriner says “I am very excited to join such a great brand and a technically gifted team. A key focus of my role will be to ensure we maximize the technology we have and maintain a strong focus on continued development to ensure Fairlight provides its customers around the world with real edge digital audio technology and reliable service and support purely focused on one goal – delivering outstanding Audio Post results.”

Steve Kepper, General Manager of KFT Investments Pty. Ltd also noted, “We saw enormous potential in Fairlight from day one. Our ambitions are to leverage its outstanding assets in terms of product, people and Intellectual Property. Emphasis on customer support will be integral to the brands offering. Over the next 12 months we will be launching a range of new technologies and products, improving our distribution and entering some new markets and aggressively driving growth is sales.”

About Fairlight:
Fairlight is a Sydney-Australia based leading manufacturer of professional video and audio recording, editing and mixing systems offering desktop, console and mouse based environments. Fairlight is at the forefront of Digial Audio Technology, having received numerous Scientific and Technical Academy Awards. Pioneering 3D sound development and customized control surfaces acknowledged by industry leaders as being the fastest and most ergonomic available.

FairlightUS is headquartered in New Jersey USA and is the exclusive distributor for Fairlight products in the North American market.