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Rampant Design Taps Switcher Studio to Bring Weekly Live Streaming Show to Facebook Community

Integrating Switcher Studio Enable Rampant to Stream Live Directly to their Facebook Community of Editors, VFX Artists and Filmmakers

Rampant Design ( today announced it has tapped Switcher Studio ( to bring its weekly live streaming show to its Facebook community of tens of thousands of editors, VFX artists and filmmakers. With the integration of Switcher Studio into its bi-weekly live show, Rampant has dramatically simplified its live streaming production workflow – using Apple iPads and the Switcher Studio video creation platform to produce the live stream. At the same time, Rampant’s move to Facebook Live has enabled the Rampant team to connect live with the community they’ve been building and fostering on the Rampant Design User Group on Facebook.

Switcher Studio recently announced its integration with Facebook Live. A major new upgrade to the Switcher Studio video creation platform, this new release lets users easily sync Switcher Studio with their Facebook account for single-tap streaming to their Facebook Timeline, Pages, Groups and Facebook Events. With Switcher Studio and Facebook Live users can produce multi-camera video with images, overlays, screensharing, multi-view effects and more using just iPhones and iPads.

“Rampant Live! is a live web show where Stefanie Mullen and I speak with personalities in our industry. Not just production celebrities – though they’re there too – but with people at all levels in all areas of the content creation world,” said Sean Mullen, president and lead designer of Rampant Design. “We had been experimenting with different streaming platforms, like Blab, but it was difficult for us to connect and engage with the community we’ve worked so hard to foster. We were about to invest an additional $5k to try to improve our production. When we learned about Switcher Studio with its Facebook Live integration – and its ability to stream live from the iOS devices we already owned – it was a no-brainer. Since we started broadcasting live with Switcher, we’ve seen our audience participation grow by 1,200% almost overnight.”

“Rampant Live! is the perfect example of a small business engaging with an audience of users and engaging them in a meaningful way – and doing it effectively and affordably,” added Nick Mattingly, CEO of Switcher Studio. “Facebook Live has opened a huge opportunity for businesses of all sizes to engage with their audiences. Switcher Studio has now made it even easier to host high quality, professional live streams – all with an iPad or iPhone!”

The new Switcher Studio v2.7 also adds a host of performance-enhancing features designed to give Apple iPhone and iPad consumers a professional video experience without the hassle and expense of traditional broadcast equipment. In addition, this update takes advantage of hardware accelerated video processing and significantly improves the quality of wireless multi-camera productions using the Switcher Studio app.

New features in Switcher Studio v2.7 include:

  • Facebook Live integration;
  • New SwitcherCast update for enhanced real-time screen sharing;
  • New hardware-accelerated video encoding/decoding;
  • Enhanced wireless video quality;
  • Longer battery life for connected sources;

About Switcher Studio

Switcher Studio was started by a team of people who love creating and delivering great content – from anywhere and from any device. The platform was born from a passion to democratize what was once an incredibly complex and expensive experience, to one that enables anyone – from a high school football coach to a wedding videographer to a professional television station – to create a multi-camera production studio experience with nothing more than iOS devices and an internet connection to instantly stream live video to services like YouTube and Facebook. For more information or to start creating amazing multicam streaming events, visit

About Rampant Design

Rampant was founded by Visual Effects Artist Sean Mullen and professional editor and artist, Stefanie Mullen. With over 60 credits in feature film and television, Sean has shot and created VFX elements for network shows, feature films, private hollywood libraries and has created content for many of the major stock companies. His work has touched such acclaimed Hollywood and television productions as Charmed, Ally McBeal, NCIS, Felicity, Nip/Tuck, Idle Hands, Lake Placid and Any Given Sunday. Sean was inspired by his editor friends to create the first Rampant Design Tools – elements for his friends to mix and match and drop on their timelines that would instantly add a unique look / flavor to their videos. This inspiration essentially gave birth to many of the product lines you see at Rampant today. For more information, please visit