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Rampant Design Offers Hundreds of Free 4K Effects for Editors, VFX and Motion Graphics Artists

Free 4K Effects Libraries Inspire Move to UltraHD Design and Effects Work for Editors and Artists of Any Skill Level; Rampant Pays it Forward with Free 4K Effects

Rampant Design ( today announced it is offering hundreds of Rampant 4K style effects for editors, VFX and motion graphics artists free of charge. As part of its new 4K education initiative, simply called, Rampant’s founders Sean and Stefanie Mullen aim to demonstrate for the community just how easy it is to create visually stunning, highly-styled effects for video in 4K. Through its initiative, Rampant is also effectively saying ‘thank you’ to its loyal customers, and paying-it-forward with literally hundreds of free 4K Rampant effects.

Rampant Design creates visually stunning style effects for anyone in post production looking to add visual effects design to their video, but who may not have the time, budget or expertise to create their own visual effects. By providing entire libraries of style effects deployed by simply dragging and dropping onto a timeline, Rampant Design is providing a simple and cost effective way to create professional effects at the highest image quality possible – 4K.

“We’re giving away hundreds of 4K style effects absolutely free to show the post production community how powerful our products are, and to demonstrate that making the leap to 4K isn’t difficult or scary,” said Sean Mullen, CEO of Rampant Design. “We also understand that times are tough out there for editors and VFX artists – they have to do more with less. Less time, less budget. By offering these 4K style effects at no charge, we hope to give the smaller design shops the chance to create big budget looks without breaking their bank accounts.”

Stefanie Mullen, co-founder of Rampant Design and professional editor, added, “All of our 4K style effects can be used in any video production; it’s our way of giving back to the community. We are post production artists ourselves and we know first-hand what it’s like to be under the gun, with no time, no budgets, but the expectation that you’re going to create something mind-blowing for the client. With from Rampant, our customers can now blow away their clients’ expectations by simply dragging and dropping!”

Sean Mullen continues to tap his expertise as a high-end VFX artist, whose work has touched such acclaimed Hollywood and television productions as Charmed, Ally McBeal, NCIS, Felicity, Nip/Tuck, Idle Hands, Lake Placid and Any Given Sunday, to develop ultra-high definition style effects for Rampant’s customers.

For more information, or to sign up for Rampant Design Tools 4K Free initiative, please visit

Also from Rampant Design: Studio Essentials v1 & v2

Studio Essentials include Rampant Design’s entire library of high-end, ultra high resolution style effects.  These style effects are the highest resolution Quicktime-based Drag-and-Drop elements on the market today. Studio Essentials delivers two complete volumes of more than 10,000 style elements and offer editors and visual effects artists optimal flexibility, quality and value. 

Studio Essentials includes thousands of style effects, and all of the Studio Essentials are available in 2K, 4K and 5K.  Studio Essentials are available on USB 3.0 drives, or users can select the 2K and 4K elements as downloads if preferred.  Rampant is also offering the Next Gen For Editors sample packs which includes 10 effects from each volume in 4K for under $100 each. Some of the effects offered in Studio Essentials include:

  • Film Effects
  • Fire 
  • Flares
  • Dust, Embers & Sparks
  • Light Leaks and Film Flashes
  • Grunge
  • Smoke
  • Monster Toolkit
  • Snow
  • Ink
  • Paint
  • Flash Transitions
  • Film Clutter
  • Bokeh
  • Reflections
  • Mattes
  • Light Transitions
  • Light Overlays
  • Blast Transitions
  • Impact Lights

About Rampant Design

Rampant was founded by Visual Effects Artist Sean Mullen and professional editor and artist, Stefanie Mullen. With over 60 credits in feature film and television, Sean has shot and created VFX elements for network shows, feature films, private hollywood libraries and has created content for many of the major stock companies. His work has touched such acclaimed Hollywood and television productions as Charmed, Ally McBeal, NCIS, Felicity, Nip/Tuck, Idle Hands, Lake Placid and Any Given Sunday. Sean was inspired by his editor friends to create the first Rampant Design Tools – elements for his friends to mix and match and drop on their timelines that would instantly add a unique look / flavor to their videos. This inspiration essentially gave birth to many of the product lines you see at Rampant today. For more information, please visit