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Rampant Design and Film Riot Partner to Deliver Tailored Style Effects on the Triune Films Store

The Creators of Rampant Style Effects Team Up with the Creators of Film Riot to Offer High Quality, Affordable, Drag and Drop Effects to Massive YouTube Audience of DIY Filmmakers

Rampant Design ( today announced it has partnered with the creators of the popular YouTube DIY filmmaking channel, Film Riot ( , and the founder of Triune Films ( to develop a series of Style Effects especially tailored for the Film Riot/Triune Films audience. Created by indie filmmaker, writer, director Ryan Connolly, Film Riot is in its 10th year on YouTube and has close to 1 million subscribers and over 110 million views.

The first in a series of products to come – and specifically developed for Film Riot by Rampant Design – is called “Muzzle Flash & Smoke” and includes a collection of 205 muzzle and smoke elements for action films. Each Style Effect in the collection is shot on RED cinema cameras in 5k, presenting filmmakers with hundreds of options to easily add ultra high quality, realistic organic effects into their sequences – regardless of what editing platform they’re using. Rampant’s Style Effects are platform agnostic and work with every application from Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, Media Composer, and even Media 100.

Muzzle Flash & Smoke is available immediately and is priced at $59.50. For more information or to purchase, please the Triune Store here:

Ryan Connolly, creator of Film Riot and founder of Triune Films had this to say about the new partnership: “Sean and I have become friends over the years through a mutual appreciation of the other’s work. We started collaborating in different ways and promoting each other’s work. It didn’t take long for us to realize that our platforms were perfect for a much deeper integration. Sean makes fantastic assets for visual effects and we have a platform to offer them to an amazing community of filmmakers and visual effects artist.”

The release of “Triune Digital: Muzzle Flashes & Smoke” signals the first product in what will be a larger collection of high quality, affordable Style Effects; all developed by Rampant Design for Triune and Film Riot audiences. Ryan continued:

“More than anything else, Sean and I really connected on the idea that quality doesn’t have to  be unapproachably costly. There are a lot of young and beginning artists out there that are hungry for quality assets, but most are way out of their price range. Sean and I both have a passion to make high-quality assets more accessible for this indie filmmaking crowed, while at the same time, delivering them on a scale that would be useful to the most seasoned pro as well.”

In conjunction with the launch of Muzzle Flashes & Smoke, Ryan and Sean created a special episode of Film Riot to highlight the new products. The coming episode is “ In this episode called 10 Tips for Better Gun Effects, we breakdown tricks that will help you create a more realistic effect. We talk about everything from choosing the right gun, to in-camera tricks and of course, post production techniques.”

You can see this episode of Film Riot here:

About Ryan Connolly

After film school, Ryan started out in a fairly typical fashion: creating music videos and commercials for local clients. He then went on to run the video studio at PC game company, Alienware. But rather than continue following the typical path of many aspiring filmmakers, Connolly came up with the idea to create Film Riot, an online show that would let him share how-to filmmaking tips, get feedback on his work, and ultimately build an audience and a community. Today, his renegade style has earned him a loyal online following of over 900,000 and his company Triune Films continues to produce weekly online video content like Film Riot and Variant as well as short films, such as the successful TELL, LOSSES, and PROXiMITY.

About Film Riot

Film Riot is a how-to trip through filmmaking from the mind of Ryan Connolly. From how to make great effects to following Triune Films through production, Film Riot explores the art of filmmaking in a way you’ve never seen. For more information or to join the over 950,000 subscribers to the Film Riot YouTube channel, please visit

About Rampant Design

Rampant was founded by Visual Effects Artist Sean Mullen and professional editor and artist, Stefanie Mullen. With over 60 credits in feature film and television, Sean has shot and created VFX elements for network shows, feature films, private hollywood libraries and has created content for many of the major stock companies. His work has touched such acclaimed Hollywood and television productions as Charmed, Ally McBeal, NCIS, Felicity, Nip/Tuck, Idle Hands, Lake Placid and Any Given Sunday. Sean was inspired by his editor friends to create the first Rampant Design Tools – elements for his friends to mix and match and drop on their timelines that would instantly add a unique look / flavor to their videos. This inspiration essentially gave birth to many of the product lines you see at Rampant today. For more information, please visit