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QuietMan Launches Newsday iPad/iPhone App with 3D Spot

A copy of


resting on a flat surface suddenly transforms into a multi-tiered football stadium, then a pulsating drum set, a sports car, and finally a multi-winged house – all in 3D. Countless elaborate folds and a narrator’s voice accompany each of the spot’s transitions, which collectively demonstrate the variety and volume of news available through the paper’s new iPhone and iPad applications. But who is behind this Olympic-level display of transformational prowess? QuietMan, working via The Brooklyn Brothers.


– a neat bit of techno-wizardry pulled off with a combination of XSI, After Effects, Adobe Photoshop and Flame/Inferno – came to QuietMan via Homestead’s Lance Doty, who worked with company Founder/Director Johnnie Semerad. The pair collaborated closely throughout the process to tailor it to Newsday’s Long Island, New York readership base.

“Once we began creating the storyboards and style frames, there was no doubt that we had an incredible project in front of us,” noted Semerad. “The biggest challenge was developing smooth transitions, from the paper to the stadium to the car to the house.”

To handle the unique challenges of working in a 3D environment – in which even the smallest change can alter the flow of an entire project – QuietMan meticulously developed each section, then integrated them into the final extended piece. “The tremendous amount of detail required a huge team effort,” noted EP Carey Gattyan. “Clear and consistent communication between all the departments made sure that our workflow was efficient and the delivery process was a smooth one.”

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Client: Newsday

Spots Title:


Air Date: Oct 2010

Agency: The Brooklyn Brothers

Prod Company: QuietMan

Director(s): Lance Doty, Johnnie Semerad

EP: Carey Gattyan

Producer: David Michaels

Post/Effects: QuietMan

VFX Creative Director: Johnnie Semerad

Lead VFX/Inferno Artist: Amanda Amalfi

Designer/Animator(s): Chris Covelli, Zach Rubins, Sue Jang, Sandor Toledo

Sound Designer(s): Nicholas Renbeck, Sean Garnhart

Studio: C5 Sound

About QuietMan

The brainchild of CD and Founder Johnnie Semerad and long-time collaborator EP Carey Gattyan, QuietMan is a high-end creative collective set in an innovative workshop atmosphere that fuels projects from concept to completion. A recently overhauled production department includes fully developed print, web and TV arms capable of producing multifaceted advertising campaigns with a specialty in high-quality, groundbreaking VFX.

More info: TRUST 646 452 3388 (NY) 310 451 5153 (LA)