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Qube Cinema to Introduce Qube Xi 4K Integrated Media Block at CinemaCon

Realizing the Potential of Digital Technologies for Theater Owners

Las Vegas, NV: March 24, 2011 … Visitors to CinemaCon will have a first-hand look at the future of digital exhibition with the new Qube Xi 4K Integrated Media Block. Qube Cinema designed the new Qube Xi 4K as a high-speed redundant Gigabit Ethernet-based system, which will allow exhibitors to place their storage servers anywhere within, or even outside, the theater complex. Besides saving valuable square footage, Qube’s new system will allow for whole new theater designs, making boothless projection a practical reality.

The Qube Xi 4K is designed to work with any digital projection systems that support an IMB. The Qube Xi 4K uses redundant Gigabit Ethernet to connect to the server, decrypting and decoding content in real time. With this system, all of the exhibitor’s server storage can be located in a secured central room. The Qube Xi 4K technology overcomes the significant restrictions of PCI Express-based IMBs, so there are no practical limitations of distance and no potential shielding issues.

“Instead of loading up projection rooms with more and more complicated electronics, we are streamlining and simplifying the setup,� said Rajesh Ramachandran, CTO of Qube Cinema. “Exhibitors have much more flexibility in how they use their space and how they manage their operations. The Qube Xi 4K is the smart way to do Digital Cinema.�

The new Qube Cinema system also opens the door to powerful centralized storage options. “This is where theater owners can start realizing the benefits of Digital Cinema instead of just the hassles,� explained Ramachandran. “With a QubeShare central cinema storage solution, exhibitors will be able to change content on the fly, such as adding a new theater when ticket sales for a film exceed expectations, or moving a showing to a different screen.�

The Qube Xi 4K supports HD, 2K, 4K, and stereoscopic 3D content in a wide variety of DCI-compliant formats.

Qube Cinema will introduce the Qube Xi 4K at CinemaCon, March 28-31 in Las Vegas, at Caesar’s Palace, Booth #407A.

About Qube Cinema, Inc.

Qube Cinema, based in North Hollywood, CA, is an international manufacturer of Digital Cinema technology and mastering solutions. A subsidiary of Real Image Media Technologies, Qube Cinema draws on decades of experience in cinema and a leadership position in the transition from analog to digital technology. The company is committed to creating a seamless Digital Cinema environment for exhibitors, filmmakers and postproduction companies with DCI-compliant products that are flexible, reliable and highly cost-effective. Qube Cinema’s product lines include the Qube XP-D and Qube XP-E servers, QubeMaster software solutions, Qube Keysmith KDM generation, and the new Qube Xi Integrated Media Block.

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