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Qube Cinema Bringing Digital Cinema Technologies to IBC

Qube Cinema will be showing its new QubeMaster Xport plug in at IBC in Amsterdam, Sept. 9-13.

See the QubeMaster Applications in Action

IBC 2011, Hall 7 – booth 7.F45

Amsterdam: August 24, 2011… Qube Cinema, a world leader in digital cinema mastering technologies, will present QubeMaster Pro, QubeMaster Packager, and QubeMaster Xport at IBC in Amsterdam, Sept. 9-13. Alongside its digital cinema mastering tools, Qube will also be demonstrating the Qube Keysmith KDM management system, the Qube XP-D Series 2 server and the new Qube Xi 4K Integrated Media Block for digital cinema projectors. Qube Cinema technologies are proven on a daily basis around the globe and provide reliable and cost-effective tools for mastering, protecting and exhibiting digital cinema content.

“The technical challenges of digital cinema used to mean that only large facilities and big productions could afford the tools,” said Senthil Kumar, founder of Real Image and Qube Cinema. “We’re making these capabilities accessible to anyone who wants to get into digital cinema. Nothing could be simpler, for example, than the QubeMaster Xport plugin for Apple®’s Compressor 4. And for companies who need more, we have that, too.”

The QubeMaster technologies were originally developed in India, the most prolific film region in the world. The Indian movie industry is characterized by a more integrated approach to content creation, distribution and exhibition. Thus, from the very beginning, Qube has taken a holistic approach to digital cinema, with a keen understanding of how the elements of the “content pipeline” fit together.

“Through our Real Image parent company, we’ve had the opportunity to develop and perfect tools in a very hot, very fast-moving market,” said Kumar. “With Qube Cinema we are making these technologies available to facilities and production companies worldwide. The QubeMaster applications are great examples of that.”

QubeMaster Pro

Qube’s workhorse mastering application, QubeMaster Pro, is a comprehensive solution for generating Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs). The Windows®-based software provides fine controls for mastering, quality control and versioning of any digital content for theatrical distribution.

“QubeMaster Pro is the foundation of all the digital cinema mastering we do at Real Image in India, including thousands of films every year, as well as providing the underlying technology for the other QubeMaster applications,” said Kumar.

QubeMaster Xport

QubeMaster Xport is a plug-in for Apple Compressor, providing a cost-effective means for filmmakers, post houses, and pre-show content creators to generate digital cinema content on the Mac OS X platform with drag-and-drop simplicity.

“Our goal is to empower the independents,” said Nigel Dennis, head of sales and marketing for Qube Cinema in Europe. “QubeMaster Xport does that, providing a complete DCP mastering solution for the cost of one or two film prints.”

QubeMaster Xport is modular software. QubeMaster Xport 2K retails for $799. Stereo 3D and 4K capabilities can be added or combined for $999 per module.

QubeMaster Pro Packager

Available as a component of QubeMaster Pro, or as a stand-alone application, QubeMaster Pro Packager is a Windows-based application that provides quality control as well as the ability to create alternate versions of a DCP without having to start from scratch and re-encode a whole file. With Packager, users can apply encryption, unwrap DCPs, add additional or alternate soundtracks, remap audio files, generate KDMs and insert subtitles in projects.

“For boutique facilities, QubeMaster Packager adds a whole new level of digital cinema mastering capabilities,” said Dennis.

Qube Keysmith

Qube Keysmith allows filmmakers, production companies and post houses to encrypt digital cinema content with Key Delivery Messages (KDMs) for exhibitors. The system allows users to create their own databases, generate encryption keys, distribute the keys, as well as monitor and log all activities.

“Keysmith is a complete key management solution and will allow a new generation of companies and facilities to offer full digital cinema distribution services,” explained Kumar.

Qube at IBC

In addition to the company’s software applications, Qube Cinema will also present the versatile Qube XP-D Series 2 digital cinema server, as well as the Qube Xi 4K Integrated Media Block (IMB) for digital cinema projectors.

“The Qube server and IMB products are great options for facilities and production companies who want to be able to screen DCPs in-house,” noted Dennis.

The IBC 2011 exhibition takes place from Sept. 9-13 at the RAI in Amsterdam. Qube Cinema is at booth 7.F45. Visitors to the show can book appointments by contacting Nigel Dennis at


About Qube Cinema, Inc.

Qube Cinema, based in North Hollywood, CA, is an international manufacturer of Digital Cinema technology and mastering solutions. A subsidiary of Real Image Media Technologies, Qube Cinema draws on decades of experience in cinema and a leadership position in the transition from analog to digital technology. The company is committed to creating a seamless Digital Cinema environment for exhibitors, filmmakers and postproduction companies with DCI-compliant products that are flexible, reliable and highly cost effective. Qube Cinema’s product lines include the Qube XP-D and Qube XP-E servers, QubeMaster software solutions, Qube Keysmith KDM generation and the new Qube Xi Integrated Media Block. For more information, visit