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Newbury Park, CA (May 24, 2010) –Leading digital music server developer Qsonix and legendary digital audio component manufacturer Wadia Digital, Inc. announce their new powerhouse alliance. The collaboration takes advantage of essential technological synergies each company brings, backed by Wadia’s expert handling of worldwide sales and marketing for both groups.

Wadia’s award-winning reputation is for continuous creation of digital audio components that inspire and make music come alive on a scale that satisfies the most demanding audiophile. Qsonix develops the industry’s preferred music management systems for music collectors and discerning audio buffs in the ultra-modern era of digital hard drive accuracy and enjoyment.

Together, they are the dream team, demonstrating a rock solid commitment to exceed the expectations of dealers and customers in their music experience. Now Wadia can fill the demand by its customers for a high-performance music server with an unrivalled product. At the same time, Qsonix gains a technology partner that has a proven track record for exceptional quality.

As part of the new Qsonix/Wadia relationship, Wadia will begin handling day-to-day sales management, order logistics and support for Qsonix sales worldwide. The Qsonix team will work closely with Wadia to implement new sales, marketing and training programs. Qsonix will continue manufacturing, shipping and providing technical support from their Newbury Park, CA offices.

Going forward, Wadia Digital audio technologies will be built into all new Qsonix generations of music management systems, further heightening already stellar audio performance. Additionally, exciting digital audio solutions from both companies are on the immediate horizon. Some of these will build on a strong foothold in the robust Apple arena where Wadia’s technological genius fulfills bit perfect audio output from the iPod.

“The entire team is excited about maximizing the possibilities of our alliance with Qsonix,� said John W. Schaffer, president of Wadia Digital, Inc. “Naturally, we’re extremely pleased to include Qsonix music management systems with our offerings. But stay tuned—our shared, deep passion for high-end performance reproduction and performance audio puts us genuinely in sync and is our springboard to more great ideas and products.�

Qsonix CEO, Oscar Ciornei said, “Our alliance with Wadia Digital is one that draws on the best of both worlds to build and bring to market the ultimate high-performance music server. Qsonix will focus on our core expertise, which is digital music software development and rely on Wadia Digital for their specialized knowledge within the realm of digital audio components and technologies. The future looks very promising for both of us as the digital storage market continues to evolve.�

Having been instrumental in accomplishing the new alliance Oscar Ciornei steps down as Qsonix CEO effective June 30, 2010. He returns to full-time leadership of his company, The OAC Group where he will remain a key advisor to Qsonix. The OAC Group is a management, marketing and design firm that works exclusively in the consumer electronics, pro audio and music industry.

Mike Weaver, president of Qsonix said,� Oscar and our team had a vision for this new alliance and they were committed to creating it as well as the corresponding business plan over the past year. Qsonix anticipates heightened brand visibility, sales growth and new product developments that will advance the high-performance music storage business. We are all very excited.�

All rights reserved. All brands and trade names are the property of their respective owners. Apple and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Computer. Wadia Digital iPod Transport product has been designed specifically to work with iPod and has been certified by the developer to meet Apple performance standards.

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About Qsonix
Located in Newbury Park, California, Qsonix is a market innovator and leader in providing user-friendly digital music management systems and media technologies to a diversified group of licensees and under its own Qsonix brand. With its highly reviewed award-winning user interface, Qsonix offers the most reliable and truly friendly way of managing and organizing thousands of songs, artists, genres…all in a manner that brings the excitement of music appreciation back to pure listening enjoyment.

About Wadia Digital, Inc.
Founded in 1988, Wadia Digital (

) is one of the foremost high-end audio companies dedicated to the development of digital audio products. Wadia innovations have shaped and defined digital audio processing and conversion for the high performance consumer electronics industry. Wadia designs are born of a delicate balance of technology shaped by a passion for music. This combination of technical skill and understanding of musical enjoyment has allowed Wadia to produce superior digital playback components for over 20 years.

Qsonix U.S. Contact: Mike Weaver, President/co-founder, 877/477-6649,

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