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Introducing VideoTaggerâ„¢: The Only Software Application Designed Specifically To Create Movie Credits September 16, 2008 (Hoboken, NJ).

announced today that VideoTaggerâ„¢, an innovative movie credit software application, is available in both premium and free editions at

. VideoTaggerâ„¢ is the first full-featured software product to enable users to create beginning and end titles for movies and videos. This groundbreaking and easy-to-use product is for any movie or video creator, from seasoned directors to professional video editors to the casual movie enthusiast. VideoTaggerâ„¢ is designed to simplify the process of creating movie credits by providing its users with a straightforward interface that allows them to organize their titles into multiple sections with varying appearances. For each section of titles, typically denoted by it's title (Cast, Sound Effects, Producers), users have various options to choose from to make unique, one-of-a-kind credits, including: - Selecting whether the section will roll, or appear as a slide - Applying an appropriate look and feel from a variety of on-screen layout options - Choosing type of information to display, choosing from characters roles and names, contributor names only or songs - Customizing the fonts and font size for each displayable text item - Selecting whether or not to include a customized image in the section - Entering the text that will appear on-screen Every step of the way, an on-screen preview helps to visually define how these settings will appear when they are rendered into a movie. Each section helps users to create credits by providing the user with a clear and concise way to enter and modify the information that appears on screen. In addition, these sections of credits can easily be modified and even reordered. The movie itself can even be rendered to fit a set amount of time. The application's simple interface provides a straightforward easy way to build professional movie credits. With minimal effort professional grade movie titles are instantly produced by using VideoTaggerâ„¢. Whether you are a video editing enthusiast, a film director, or the next "Star Wars Kid" web video star, VideoTaggerâ„¢ is the ideal software application to create professional movie credits for your film, giving you the ability to get the credit that you deserve. Electric Happiness LLC was founded with the goal of providing the first full-featured software product for creating professional movie credits that could be used by anyone from directors and video editors, to the casual movie creator. The premium edition of VideoTaggerâ„¢ is available for PC and Macintosh computers, and a free PC edition can be downloaded from The first alpha version of VideoTaggerâ„¢ was released September 16th 2008.



Custom-Engineered Bolero S Ensures Reliable Referee Communications for German Bundesliga

Today's large-scale sporting events, as well as their technical broadcast requirements, are growing at an astounding pace. To meet and surpass these requirements, Riedel Communications has initiated their Managed Sports Services division, comprised of custom-engineered technologies paired with extensive supervision and support by Riedel-qualified engineers. Among the first to profit from these services is DFL Deutsche Fußball Liga, who has partnered with Riedel to design a reliable infrastructure for German Bundesliga referee communications.


RTI Names Cyrille Vergely as Dealer Experience Manager

RTI, a leading control and automation manufacturer for residential and commercial settings, today announced that Cyrille Vergely has joined the company as its Dealer Experience Manager, Europe and Middle East. In his new role, he will ensure an exceptional experience for the company's dealers in the region by providing training, technical support and project design assistance.