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PrimalScream Music & Sound Speaks Alien With McDonald’s Earth’s Treasure

Aliens abound in the new “Earth’s Treasure” spot for McDonald’s via agency Moroch directed by BRW USA’s Fred Raimondi with narrative enhancing music and sound design created by PrimalScream Music. It’s a visual effects-heavy homage to sci-fi blockbusters that deftly transitions tone from creature thriller to its surprise conclusion.

Feature film intensity informs each aspect of the commercial’s production, where every element unites to produce the ultimate film styled experience. Accordingly, the team assembled for the production has deep roots in features and advertising, from award-winning director Fred Raimondi to PrimalScream Music’s selected composer George Kallis whose talent for blending cinematic boldness with humor was ideal for the project’s tone. Raimondi tapped preeminent character designer Tully Summers (Avatar, Green Lantern, Tron) to help design the commercial’s alien stars. To add depth to these original characters, PrimalScream Music developed and recorded an alien language, and designed high intensity sound design to support the unfolding action and soda-inspired transformation.

To view:

Agency Copywriter Gavin James says: “We wanted an audio landscape that painted a mood but didn’t overpower story. This would be a delicate balance between score and sound design; we wanted sounds unique to this alien world, these characters, and their environment, yet we still wanted it to be grounded in something relatable. PrimalScream Music nailed that balance and really helped elevate the spot”

Director Fred Raimondi agrees, “Nicole and PrimalScream Music really nailed it, from the music to the voices and sound design. It all worked together perfectly.”

About PrimalScream Music & Sound:
PrimalScream Music creates original music and sound for all media; commercials, television, film, movie trailers, games, and branding. For PrimalScream Music, this has been an exciting summer of bold orchestral scores including the recently released “The V” for Summer’s Eve – an audacious story of love, power and hygiene for which PrimalScream Music created original, filmic score recorded live by a massive orchestra and choir. PrimalScream Music also wrote and produced a dramatic score and recorded a live orchestra for Firestone’s “One Hundred Years” which debuted during the Indy 500. For more on PrimalScream Music please visit the company’s recently revamped website at


Agency: Moroch
Executive Creative Director: Bob Shallcross
Copywriter: Gavin James
Art Director: David Soames
Broadcast Director: Kathleen Torres

Production Co. BRW USA
Director: Fred Raimondi
EP: Andy Traines
EP: Gianfilippo Pedrotti
Character Design: Tully Summers

Music, Sound Design, Character Voices: PrimalScream Music & Sound
Creative Director/Executive Producer: Nicole Dionne
Composer: George Kallis
Sound Designer: Stuart Brawley
Alien Voice Creation: Stuart Brawley

VFX/Animation: The Mission
Executive Producer: Michael Pardee
Animation Director: Piotr Karwas
Creative Director: Rob Trent
Lead Compositor: Christopher Moore
Compositor: Katrina Salicrup
VFX Producer: Diana Cheng
Animator: Alfonso Alpuerto
Animator: Nicole Herr
Modeler: Chad Fehmie
Modeler: Raul Dominguez
Rigger: Nole Murphy
Texturer: James Lee
Lighter: Oliver Arnold