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Universal City, CA, October 30, 2006 -- This retraction is in response to a press release issued by Mdots on August 23, 2006, entitled “MDOTS NAMES ANNE BABIN AS SENIOR DESIGNER.” That story inadvertently included incorrect credits as to Anne Babin‘s involvement as a title designer for “The Ellen Degeneres Show” and for “Emily‘s Reason‘s Why Not.” The information appearing here, below, is the CORRECTED information about her role on those projects.

> Anne Babin‘s correct involvement was as a graphic artist for motion design execution on the main title for “The Ellen Degeneres Show” (Telepictures.) Aerodrome‘s Scott Miller and Jill Katz designed the titles and show logo.

> Anne Babin acted as graphic artist in motion design on the 2006 EMMY winning Title Design for “The Ellen Degeneres Show” (Telepictures.). TwinArt‘s Lynda and Ellen Kahn designed the title and show package for which they won an EMMY, as did Anne for her work on this title.

> TwinArt produced the main title for “Emily‘s Reason‘s Why Not” (Sony Television.) Ellen and Lynda Kahn designed the main title and show logo. On that project, Anne Babin worked as a graphic artist in motion design.