Press Release: Boris FX Introduces Boris Continuum Complete 7 for Sony Vegas Pro 10

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Boris FX, the leading developer of integrated effects technology for video and film, today announced the immediate availability of Boris Continuum Complete 7 for Sony Vegas Pro (BCC 7 for Vegas Pro). Based on the Open Effects Assocation (OFX) platform, BCC 7 for Vegas Pro gives Sony editors a comprehensive collection of over 140 visual effects plug-ins. Customizable presets allow editors to quickly create high-end effects with no learning curve. Effects can be selectively applied via channel or region-based masks. All filters take advantage of either multi-processing or OpenGL hardware acceleration. "Boris Continuum Complete gives Sony Vegas Pro 10 customers one of the most complete and useful plug-in suites ever created," commented Dave Chaimson, VP worldwide marketing, Sony Creative Software. "Vegas Pro users will particularly appreciate BCC 7 for Vegas Pro's robust keying tools as well as its integrated motion tracking capabilities."

Boris Continuum Complete 7 for Sony Vegas Pro Feature Highlights


Professional Chroma Key Compositing

. BCC 7 for Vegas Pro facilitates the creation of precise keys with a minimal amount of adjustment. The chroma key filters allow editors to control background filtering or matting, edge softening and refinement, and light wrapping and reflections to produce seamless composites. •

Automated Motion Tracking

. Powerful, specialized filters allow editors to recover motion data from a clip and then use the data to apply effects. For example, BCC Witness Protection allows editors to track a logo on a t-shirt and apply a blur to obscure the logo. Mosaic, tint, or brightness/contrast effects could also be applied to the specified area. •

PixelChooser Technology

. The Boris PixelChooser masking system is built in to most BCC 7 for Vegas Pro filters giving editors ultimate control by allowing them to selectively apply BCC filters to video via region or channel-based mattes. •

High-quality Image Restoration Tools

. BCC for Vegas Pro includes tools for smoothing and softening skin imperfections and removing jaggies, DV compression artifacts, and unwanted noise from image clips. •

Popular Film Effects

include Film Process, Glow, Match Grain, and Film Damage, allowing editors to create the warm organic look of film in seconds. •

Dazzling Light Effects

include Rays, Glints, Glitters, Lens Flares, and Lightning, allowing editors to create just the right mood for titling effects and animated backgrounds. •

Painterly Effects

simulate pencil-sketched images, the wash look of a water color painting, a rotoscope toon-animation look, and charcoal drawings. •

Realistic In-Camera Effects

include Lens Blur for emulating a rack defocus effect where out-of-focus highlights of an image clip take on the shape of the lens shutter. •

Stylized Effects

include LED, Damaged TV, Tile Mosaic, Prism, and Halftone. •

Thousands of Customizable Presets

provide a broad selection of pre-built effects. Presets can be saved and shared with other editors - even across host applications and platforms. •

Interactive Effects Design Experience

. Every BCC for Vegas Pro filter is either OpenGL-based or multiprocessor-accelerated for ultimate rendering speed.

Pricing and Availability

Boris Continuum Complete 7 for Sony Vegas Pro is available immediately through the Boris FX worldwide reseller channel and direct from

for an introductory MSRP of $595 USD. The introductory price is available until November 19, 2010. The regular MSRP will be $995 USD. A free, full functioning 14-day Trial Version is available for immediate download.