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Post Logic Studios Completes DI for Newly Restored Movie Classic The Rules of the Game

Hollywood, CA (October 4, 2006)– Post Logic Studios, a leading independent post-production and digital intermediate (DI) service facility, is introducing new services to aid and speed the preservation of classic black and white films. Director Jean Renoir‘s The Rules of the Game (La Regle du Jeu, 1939) is the first movie to benefit from Post Logic‘s process, which uses DI grading and custom-developed lookup tables (LUTs) to maintain the integrity of the original look of the film.

The Rules of the Game is frequently cited among the world‘s great motion pictures. A brand-new, fully restored 35mm print, digitally timed and filmed out at Post Logic Studios for Janus Films, will open a special retrospective celebrating the 50th anniversary of Janus Films held in conjunction with the 44th New York Film Festival September 30 – October 26th, 2006.

“We spent several months developing a proprietary LUT to accurately track in black and white on color negative,” said Frank Roman, colorist, who timed The Rules of the Game at Post Logic. “We timed the whole movie digitally and were able to accurately emulate the original black-and-white images with great results.”

Roman did a global time on media provided by Criterion. Timing included flash frame removal and intensive work to match the density and grain structure on the three or four different elements from which the film was compiled. The timing also required conversion from linear to logarithmic files for which Post Logic also wrote a custom LUT.

“Via such techniques, these amazing works can be brought back to life digitally while staying faithful to the black-and-white medium and creating accurate new copies for the archive,” Roman stated. “Post Logic Studios has put its resources behind this important effort, and it‘s great to be involved in keeping film history alive.”

The Rules of the Game returns to the screen September 30, 2006. The restoration and DI process allowed a new print of Renoir‘s pre-WWII comedy of manners to be delivered cost- and time-effectively by Criterion specifically for this special event.

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